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Memories: the Orange Ranger Story

Maurhee Peterson is a young woman who has experienced too much in her life. Join her as she reunites with her old team, and gains closure for everything that tortures her. Many teams, Many characters, Many couplings. Feel free to send me feedback!

Tommy plopped himself down on the living room couch beside of Maurhee and sighed. He looked over at Maurhee and examined the expression on her face. It was like a mixture of sadness, fear, and confusion. He then followed her gaze and grinned. “Rhee? You do know you have to turn the TV on before you can watch anything, right?” Tommy said mischievously. Maurhee chuckled and turned to face her “big brother”.

“Sorry Tommy, I was just thinking”

About?” Tommy asked inquisitively.

Maurhee bit her lip, and looked up at him like she was dying to tell him something, then returned her gaze to the TV screen. When she didn’t answer he decided to try again.

“Maurhee, what’s wrong?” Tommy asked sternly.

“Nothing’s wro-”

“Don’t you dare try to pull that B.S. with me Maurhee Danielle” He said angrily in his brotherly voice.

Maurhee sighed heavily, looked at Tommy sadly, and then returned her gaze back to the floor.

“Tommy, I-” She was thankfully interrupted by the familiar ring of their communicators.

“What’s up Zordon?” Tommy answered without hesitation.

“You are both to meet the others in the park immediately” Their mentor’s voice boomed through the tiny device.

“We’re on our way” Maurhee said assuringly. As she morphed she glanced at her zeonizer for what could be the very last time. She savored every tingle teleportation caused, and burned the scenery of Angel Grove into her memory because she knew this could be the last time she would do this with these people ever again. The only problem was telling them that.

Her thoughts had begun to distract her on the battle field. This gave the Machine Empire’s random monster a free shot at her. The blast sent her crashing into a tree.

“Maurhee!” she heard someone yell. A few seconds later the Blue Zeo Ranger was at her side. “You okay, Spots?” He asked in a concerned tone.

A warm smile grew underneath her helmet as he spoke that nickname. He had come up with it on Phaedos shortly after Dulcea Proclaimed that her animal spirit was the cheetah.

“Yeah, Rock, I’m good” she said as he helped her up.

“Good, cause for a minute there I thought we were gonna have to cancel our post-battle date” He said good-naturedly. She turned to him and rested a gloved hand on his forearm.

“I’d never let that happen, Rock” She said warmly then took her hand away and ran back toward the battle. “Especially not today” she murmured under her breath. When they arrived back at the battle, as was the routine, the monster had grown about 10 stories.

“Good luck guys!” Maurhee yelled as the others called on their zords.

She was the Orange Lightning Zeo Ranger, and as such her crystal was separate from the others. She had unique armor, a weapon called “The Lightning Staff”, a sword shaped like her symbol, and, the one and only drawback to being The Lightning Ranger, She didn’t have a zord. So, as always, she was forced to watch her team go on to victory without any further assistance from her. She had come to discover a feeling worse than being helpless, and that was not being needed. She hated that feeling! It really deflated a person’s ego, and spirit. She was brought out of her reverie by a familiar rumble.

“Maurhee” Zordon called over the communicator.

“Yes, Zordon?” she asked even though she knew fully what he was going to say.

“I feel you are at risk there without a zord, return to the Command Chamber immediately”

“Yes, Zordon” she said disappointedly as she teleported away in a flash of orange light.

A few minutes later her six teammates joined her with victory stamped all over their faces. It was almost as if they were bragging, but she knew that her friends would never do that to her, intentionally.

She greeted them with an artificial smile she had gotten so good at pulling off. Rocky smiled brightly at her and headed her direction. As he walked toward her he noted that her smile didn’t reach those baby blues of her’s. He knew she hated not having a Zord and not being able to catch the action all the time. Anyone who knew Maurhee like he did could see that.

Jason looked over at Maurhee as she nervously ran a hand through her thick copper-colored hair, and also noted that her smile was not genuine. He leaned towards Tommy and whispered,

“She’s doin’ it again, Bro.”

“I know, I just wish she’d talk to me about what’s bothering her. Instead of, ya know, covering it up” Tommy replied in a hushed tone

Zordon began to speak to the rangers about there superb job in battle, but Rocky wasn’t listening. He was watching Maurhee. Lately He’d been concerned for the petite, fair skinned, red-head. Her artificial smile, and shaky hands had become so common place for her. Her eyes which were normally bright and full of life had become so lonely and cold. He asked himself what the cause for all of this could be, but quickly dismissed the question because deep down he already knew the answer. Although the cause had taken place nearly a year and a half ago. It was still obvious that one man had caused Maurhee damage that would take years to repair, and if that creature hadn’t already been destroyed Rocky would have done some unrepairable damage to him for how Maurhee was acting now. Once Zordon finished Maurhee turned to face her boyfriend.

“Rocky, instead of you picking me up could we meet at the clearing?” She asked referring to the place in the woods in Angel Grove Park that had come to be known as their “spot”.

“Uh Oh, what did I do now?” Rocky asked seriously. Maurhee grinned whole heartedly at him.

“You didn’t do anything. I just need to talk to you about something” she said. Rocky had picked up on the sadness in her tone, and was very curious as to what, exactly, she was planning on talking to him about.

“Yeah, okay sure” he said nonchalantly.

“Good, is 5:00 okay with you?”

“Yeah it’s perfect”

“All right, see you at 5:00”

“See ya” Rocky said as he watched her hurry over to Tommy and Jason.

Tommy watched with concerned eyes as his childhood friend approached him. “Rhee, you okay?”

“No, but I’ll hopefully be better in a minute. I need you guys to stay behind. I asked Zordon if I could use the Chamber to talk to you guys about something.” She said shakily.

Jason and Tommy looked at each other apprehensively, then turned back to Maurhee and nodded. Maurhee let out a breath she never realized she was holding, and replied.

“Thanks guys”

They quietly waited till the other rangers left. Once they were sure everyone had cleared out, Tommy turned to Maurhee.

“So, what’s up?” he asked in a concerned tone.

“Well . . . do you guys remember when Zordon told us about the planet KO- 35?” she asked nervously biting her lip afterwards.

“Yeah, that’s the planet that’s on the brink of a war and has defenses that pretty much don’t exist, right?” Jason said crossing his arms over his chest wondering where she was going with this.

“Right, and do you remember him saying that he might have to send some or one of us up there to help?”

“Yeah . . .” Tommy said expectantly. Maurhee took a deep breath and exhaled before saying her next sentence.

“Well, he decided to send one of us” Maurhee said as she swallowed hard “and he asked me”

Tommy and Jason’s mouths dropped open in shock.

“You’re not going are you?” a soft familiar voice asked from behind her. Maurhee took in a sharp breath, and her eyes grew two times their normal size. She quickly turned to face the origin of the voice.

“Well, Rocky . . . I . . Yeah, I am” she said meekly as she glanced down at the floor. She could tell by Rocky’s breathing that he was teetering the line between sadness and anger.

“When?” He asked through clenched teeth.

“Tomorrow morning at 7:00” she said shakily. He felt his throat tighten as he heard Maurhee’s reply. Tomorrow morning? He thought he might at least have a week to try and change her mind, but tomorrow morning? He couldn’t do anything between now and tomorrow morning, and why hadn’t she told him about this earlier? Yes, telling him would have been hard, but isn’t springing it on him at the last minute harder? He just didn’t understand what was going through her head.


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