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Just Like Dad

The leader of the three monsters blasted her with some sort of electrical charge, and she collapsed to the ground. Note to self: Never take on more than one monster when alone.

She was lucky her suit didn't automatically power down. The sun went down rather quickly after that, and she tried to get a glimpse at the other rangers but from her position on the ground it was hard to see anything. She saw the last few seconds of the sunset out of the corner of her eye, and mentally prepared herself for the explosion. A few seconds later an intense, burning, searing pain shot through her body as the feathers exploded around her. The blasts sent her crashing into a brick wall. She hit the wall with a loud “THUD” and then everything went black.

The next thing she knew someone was lifting her out of the rubble, and she automatically wondered if she was still morphed. She quickly brought her hand to her line of vision. It was gloved. She was still morphed, but noticed her vision wasn't tinted gray any more. Her helmet visor must have receded. She quickly glanced at the person carrying her. It was the Titanium Ranger. Ryan. He came back, she thought to herself, I knew he would.

He must have felt her squirming because he look down at not long after she came back to consciousness. His visor had receded as well, and she saw his eyes widen as they connected with hers.

“Leslie?” He whispered as he set her down on the ground.

“What? How? How did you . . .”

“I've only met one person with violet eyes in my entire life.” He said with a smile in his eyes.

“They are pretty unique,” She said with a laugh, “But you can't tell anyone. At least not until Captain Mitchell gives me the go ahead.”

He nodded, “I won't, I promise. But you might want to shut that visor before anyone else sees you.”

She nodded as her visor snapped shut, “I've got to get back to the base before you guys do.”

“You were almost blown to pieces don't you think you should rest for a bit?” He asked her.

“No time. I'll rest later.” She said as she stood quickly. Too quickly. Ryan instinctively and quickly wrapped an arm around her waist to keep her from falling backwards, “Thanks.”

“Are you sure you don't want to take a break first?” He asked her cautiously as she pulled away from him.

“Later, I promise I will.” She told him as she turned and ran toward where she left her jeep. Once she was out of the rangers line of vision she ducked behind her jeep and demorphed. She sighed and hopped in the jeep and drove back to the base. This job was going to kill her or at the very least put her in a coma. As soon as she reached the base Ms. Fairweather sent her to the infirmary to wait for Dana to check out her wounds, and bruises.

So now she was bored out of her mind, and stuck in the infirmary until after the Captain's debriefing. Suddenly Carter came storming into the infirmary.

“Are you okay?” He asked her urgently.

“I'm fine.” She told him with a grin.

“The Captain said you got stuck in one of the explosions down town. Are you sure you're okay?” He asked her as he snapped into protective mode.

“Well, I feel fine, but I think the final diagnoses is up to Dana.” She answered with a chuckle.

Dana stepped into the infirmary not long after that with a wide smile on her face. As she inspected Leslie's cuts and bruises she hummed lightly.

“You'll be fine. It's just a couple of scrapes and some really big bruises. It's nothing to worry about.” Dana said with a smile, “We need you two out front in about five minutes. We're giving Ryan his official Lightspeed Jacket.”

“Thanks, Day, we'll be out shortly.” Leslie told her with a nod as she hopped off the bed, “See, Carter, I'm alive and well.”

“Yeah, I see, just try not to get yourself killed.” He said with a grin. “I will if you will.” She said as she poked her brother's upper arm accusingly.

Just Like Dad

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