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The Forgotten Bradley

Geenie checked her watch as she loaded her surf board into her Xterra.

“Shit.” She said with a sigh as she shut the gate and ran around to the driver's side.

She was extremely late, and granted Sensei would probably let it slide because it was her first time being late, but it still irked her to no end. She liked being on time, but being in the water just threw off her inner clock. She didn't know why the water affected her like it did, but she didn't mind one bit.

She sped away from the beach and headed toward the Thunder Academy's secret entrance. She quickly parked a safe distance away, and walked through the entrance. She froze. Her heart seemed to stop instantly. The Academy was gone, and the surrounding area was completely destroyed. Her third home was gone, and the next thought scared her more than anything.

Her brothers. Where the hell were they? She took off for the area where they trained with Sensei. It was flattened. This couldn't be happening. Her last remaining family could not be gone. Her breathing became shallow and ragged. She was panicking. Her eyes scanned the area for any proof of what had happened, and that's when they landed on an overturned wooden box. She took a shaky, tearful breath and walked over and picked up the box. There were three strangely shaped indentions in the fabric on the interior of the box. She wondered what had been inside of it, and looked around in the surrounding debris for it's contents, and finally saw something. Her eyes widened. It almost looked like . . . but it couldn't be . . . a morpher. She gulped, and picked it up gingerly. She searched frantically for the other two, but didn't see anything. Suddenly there was a swoosh sound from behind her. Geenie quickly grabbed the box and the morpher and hid in the woods at the edge of the property. There were two girls standing several feet away from where she was previously. They were both dressed in extremely tacky outfits. As a matter of fact one of their out fits resembled a fly.

“Why did Uncle send us to do this? We're going to be late to the Wind Academy raid.” The one that looked like a fly whined.

“He has to have the norphamajig thingy, and we have to find it.” The blond one said in a bossy tone.

“But we have the other two, and those goody-good ninjas they belong to. Why do we need the other one?” The brunette said as she stomped poutily about the wreckage.

“He doesn't want to risk some one getting their hands on it.” She said with a sigh as she searched for the morpher.

“We have all the Thunder ninjas. I don't think any one's going to find it.” The fly said as she rolled her eyes and kept looking.

Geenie glanced down at the morpher in her hand and decided it was time for her to leave. Before these people found her. They didn't seem to be very friendly. Her eyes widened as she thought about something they said. They had the other morphers AND the ninjas they belonged to?

Blake and Hunter. They had Blake and Hunter.

She had to get out of there. Immediately. She turned and streaked out the entrance and to her car.

The Forgotten Bradley:

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