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Welcome to Dollz Mania!  We have a great collection of cartoon dolls, doll makers, icon makers, games and more!

We also have a great message board for help and/or information. If you have a question you can usually find the answer there.

You'll find tons of dolls including uniques, preps, minis, guyz,  couples, groups, ravers, skaters, silents, sweets, thugs, wonderkins, fairies and a special section with donated dolls which is updated on a regular basis. 

Become a Dollz Mania member and you will have access to more dolls and soon more doll makers. If you need help finding your way around please check the site map  page.

NEW!   - Cherry Dollmaker has been added! 

Cherry Doll

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  5-6-05- New dollz have been added!
5-3-05- A New Unique maker  has been added and  updated.

 3-11-05- The dollmakers have been updated.

4-12-05-Over 60 new dolls were added to the site.
1-23-05 - Another new candy doll couple maker has been added.


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Here is our newest doll!

Dollz Mania Cherry Doll


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The Mod Squad runs and monitors the board on a regular basis. 
Please do not post rude or inappropriate comments or you will be banned from the board. 

Rules for on-line safety.




We are looking for more sister sites.

If you have a website and want to be a Dollz Mania sister site. 
Please e-mail me with your site information. 

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I did not draw all of the images on this site.  Many were donated, and many were collected from the Palace, and other sites over the past few years. Anyone can take any doll off this site.  We are not responsible for dolls that visitors have donated or for dolls that have been taken from this site and submitted to other sites. Please do not take the dolls from the adopted pages. If you would like one of these dolls please visit the link and adopt the dolls yourself. Most just require a proper link back to their site. If a doll that you have created has been submitted to Dollz Mania without your permission please contact me and I will remove the doll. You can contact me through the feedback form. Thanks for your cooperation. 




May 07, 2005 Updated 



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