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Mark Ilkiw

Mark Ilkiw
Guitar - Vocals
Floral Park

Hey everyone. Mark Ilkiw here. 16 years old, from good old, Floral Park, New York. Been playing guitar for about 3-4 years now, also play some bass. I enjoy writing lyrics, and music with Lou. We've got some pretty good projects coming up for you guys so you have lots to look forward to.

Meeting Lou, our guitarist, a couple years back, we only started talking this year. We found that we were both interested in music, and got together in our former band known as 'Sunny Side Down.' This band, while going nowhere, was still fun to get together and jam.

Meeting Joe, the drummer, was interesting for me. While meeting him and hating him straight off the bat, it seemed as if we could never be friends. But, it turns out a couple of months later, we got together, and got to know each other, and now we're really great friends.

While meeting Ardito, our bassist, it turns out, it was after he was in the band. The first time we hung out, we ordered burritos from a chinese food place, it was the strangest thing, and it was great how the whole band just hit it off, and we're all best friends.

Being highly influenced by Bright Eyes' Conor Oberst, Smashing Pumpkins' Billy Corgan, and other really incredible song writers, you can expect something of their genre, but nothing as good. I hope you enjoy our music, and if you have any recommendations, comments, or questions, feel free to contact me, or any other of the band members. Just check out the Contact Page.

My equipment consists of the following:

1994, Fiesta red Fender Jag-Stang. Kurt Cobain model guitar. Ernieball strings, humbucker pickups, and a marble pickguard.