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My Information

Joey Jo Jo

ok then as u know im Joe Ardito the bassist and im 18 the oldest in the band and since im the oldest i make all the decisions which means im the hottest. I have been playing bass for not that long but i guess im ok im learning the Guitar now and im not that bad... And when i first started hanging out with lou it was when i was sleeping in the hall and then we decided to make a band for the talent show "Saturday Morning Cartoons'' where we had an Ilkiw for a singer and i met mark who let me use his broken amp to look like an ass on stage. and then there's Joe the drummer just met him we went to taco bell and i almost threw up and yeah so my favorite bands are MxPx, Less Than Jake, Finch,Starting line,Lagwagon, Alkiline Trio and more so yeah bye