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SoMe InTrO BoUt Me

                           TeE hEe HeE LoOk IsH MeE

Oh LoOkEh....Tiz MeEh 

Nick Namez: Danimal, Dainka,  Daneeka and some other krap...
Gender: Female 
Age: 13...hehehe imma be FoUrTeEn soooon verrrrry soooon
Birthdate: Febuary 10,1989 and other things.....
Eye Color: Brownish...
Hair Color: BLack ewweh!!! imma dye it Like 2 weekz....

To hoLLah at meeh:
xmizzdanimal3x en` 
x kreyzeh flip x

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Linkz are stiLL under construxion HoLLaH HoLlaH cLicK Fo MeEh 
Shout OutZ

PiCtUrEz Of MaH HoMiEz

Da MaGiC PagE

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Da BoBa DrInK



aSiAnAvEnUe ((a site fo aznz))

ErIkAz PaYgE ((mY sIzTaH

SoMe DdR GaMe ThAt ErIcA FoUnD IsH PrEtTy TyTe

Its this site. . . ya don`t needa klick

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