500 Questions or Everything You Didn't Want to Know About Me

1. What brand of toothpaste?

anything with that whitening crapp in it.. have to keep mah pearls sparkling white

2. Shampoo + Conditioner in one ..or separate?


3. What Brands?

herbal essence

4. What flavor dental floss: Mint, cinnamon, bubble gum, or regular? 


5. Do you roll your socks, pull them up, or ? 

pull them up

6. Toilet paper: wad or fold?


7. Do you know Donald Ducks middle name? 


8. Favorite color?

cant just picc wun.... but uhh.. me-za likez black, blue, white, brown and burgundy.. any bold colors too i guezz

9. Summer footwear: sandals or nothing?

both... it depends tho

10. Apples, oranges, or bananas? 

oranges... prefferably cold... yum (:P)

11. Lefty or righty?


12. Glass is half-empty or half-full? 

half-empty.. of course

13. Bleh or blah? 

bleh blah blah bleh ehh.. wuts the difference

14. What do you like about yourself? 

my intellect

15. Would you ever wear Taz boxers?

jez.... i love boxerz... specially when am juz kiccin it @ home.... they so comfy

16. Do you sing in the shower?

but of course my horse.. ohhhlwayz

17. Do you talk to your cat/dog/rodents?

plants.. shoes... pencils... u name it... i talk to everything...lol... (i have problems)

18. Do you talk to yourself? 

oh my God do I!! lol

19. Do you have a secret crush on your dentist?

ohm... thats a negative

20. Do you know your mailman/woman's name?


21. Do you give your mailman/woman a gift on Xmas? 

fak no.. lol

22. Do you have 11 toes? 

why... do u have like a foot fetish or sumn... eaaaaak

23. What is the lamest pick up line you've ever used?

pardon mwa.. do u have sum grey poupon.. *raspberries* hahaha

24. Would you ever buy/use a pink pen? 

shore.. y not

25. Would you ever buy ANYTHING pink?


26. Mickey Mouse or Bugs Bunny?

wutz up doc

27. Do you think Daffy Duck is hot?

do u?

28. Would you ever recite poetry to a girl? 

ohm...... if i were a lesbo... shore

29. If you HAD to, what color nail polish/lipstick would you wear?

anything bold

30. Do you bite your lip when you're nervous?


31. Would you skip school if you had a huge zit between your eyes on picture day?

i dont give a fAk.. ill still go

32. Do tight jeans make guys look gay? 

ya... speshally if they all spandexy...lol

33. How do you take mascara off? 

its a thing called.. makeup remover.. duhhhh

34. Would a girl wearing blue/green mascara turn you on?

oh ya baby..lol

35. Do you know HOW to figure out bra size? 

shore.. i dont think its THAT difficult.. 

36. Would u ever wear lip gloss?


37. What's better: gummi sweet-tarts or sweet-tart gum?

gummi sweet tarts 

38. M&Ms or Skittles?

m&m'z if they got peanuts n em

39. Do you go to public places with your mom, and actually TALK to her?

yes... i love big momma

40. What is 1 + 1 ?

lets see...... if u take the furst digit (which is 1) and add it to the second digit (which is 1), the resulting answer would be 2

41. What is your favorite holiday? 


42. Pick one: RuPaul - Dennis Rodman

RuPaul.... u better work.. work it bitch..hahhaha

43. How old are you?


44. How old do you WANT to be?


45. Where do you want to live?

Ibiza, Spain

46. Where do you want to go? 


47. Who do you want to meet?

bjork, beth gibbons, cindy lauper, madonna, marylin monroe, lucille ball

48. Do you like Kool-Aid?

simply love it dahling

49. Does pine-sol smell good?

i guezz :/

50. What are your favorite pizza toppings?

cheese, tomatoes, pepp, ham, errything but pineapples and anchovies

51. Do you like toast?

ya.. specially with garlic and basil.. served with spaghetti and a big bowl of salad with italian dressing and a nice glass of white wine.. mmmmmmmmmmmmmm.. am hungry now

52. Do you still carve pumpkins? 

not no more....... but i will again.. as soon as my daughter gets older :)

53. Do you still leave cookies & milk out for Santa? 

ho ho ho 

54. Have you lost all your (baby) teeth?


55. Have your wisdom teeth seen light yet? 


56. Clear or colored?


57. When your dentist asked, what flavor fluoride did you pick: bubble-gum, grape, or mint?

bubble gum

58. Where is your hand right NOW?

on this dayum keyboard 

59. What is better: your right ear or left pinky? 

left pinky.... got a nice fat ice ring on it.. * shines it @ u:::: blingy bling*

60. Okay or O'tay? 

okey dokey pokey lokey

61. French poodle or French kiss? 

french frieeeeeeeeeees... yummy

62. Are 2 x 4s really 2 inches by 4 inches? 

ya...... legnth times width remember.. duhhh

63. If not, how big are they REALLY? 

go bacc to school

64. Do you have a 2 x 4 or a 1 x 2? 


65. Do you know your parents' birthdays/ages? 

sho nuff do

66. Do you know your siblings birthdays/ages? 


67. Does your grandma tell you she is 29? 

nope... she dont tell me how old she be.. period

68. Have you ever used colored white-out?

not that i recall

69. What do you think of Smurfette? 

she too stucc up

70. What is your favorite book?

do i have to picc one?????? maybe...... Loose Woman

71. How does a cabin far, far away, with a fire, candles, and the one you love sound?

*daydreaming*..... did u say sumn?

72. Salmon or Cod?


73. Crab or Lobster?


74. What sounds better: up or down?

up.. that way u get the best of both worlds.. for wut goes up.. must come down *wink*

75. What sounds better: sideways or sidewards?


76. Ok, NOW where is your hand?

my fist will b in ur foccin face if u dont quit axin that question

77. Describe the best day of your life.

I got drunk and forgot it

78. Broom or mop?


79. What is your favorite word?

as dear ol kelly osbourne says it... blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah... now shut up

80. Free! Don't have to answer this since there is no question. ;P


81. What is your full name?

D_ _ _ _ _. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

82. What do you wish your name was?

wut it was in my past life... Belle

83. Describe your kinkiest fantasy. 

um... you go first

84. What is the weirdest middle name you've ever heard? 


85. Are your feet the same size?


86. Cassettes or CDs?


87. Is watching "How The Grinch Stole Christmas" a tradition in your home? 

No but it could be

88. What are your Christmas traditions?

sleep.. wakeup.. eat breakfast.. take a shyt... kicc it with relatives.. eat dinner... take pix... open presents.. take a shyt.... then go bacc to sleep

89. How do you open your envelopes: tear or cut?


90. 10 more to go, are you bored?


91. Do you like onions?

ya.. they add pizzazzzzz to mah food 

92. What would you name your band, if you had one?

Psyko Bytchez  

93. Have you ever worn a dress?


94. Did you know that if you talk into a vent, someone in a nearby room will hear you? 


95. Frogs or toads?

frogs... with some basil and cilantro sauce with garlic and white wine... mmmmmmm

96. Do u believe in making a wish at 11:11?

fa sho!!

97. 8 or 3?

cant picc....... has to be both.. 3 cuz itz mah wun of mah lucky #z and 8 cuz twaz the day i wuz born

98. How long can you hula-hoop for?

15 sec

99. Did you know Dave is AWESOME?

oh yea...... been knowing that

100. You made it. Do you love me now? 

ohm... love is such a strong word


I lied, there are more...


101. Did you ever eat crayons when you were little?

I wuz smarter than that

102. On your last birthday, what did you wish for?

am not telling

103. Do you know all the words to the National Anthem? 

Yepperz... oh say can u see.. by the dawns early light.........

104. Is watching the Superbowl a party in your house? 

no but boxing iz.. heh heh heh

105. Are you going to name your son Elvis? 

i dont think so

106. If not, what?

hummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm dee duuuuummm lets see...... prolly Xavier.. Daniel... 

107. What about your daughter?

well mah furst daughter's name is Crystal Star.. so i think id name mah other daughter... Heaven Ecstacy 

108. Describe your most embarrassing moment. 

wuz pretend singin "Im wishing on a star" with mah gurl.. on the microphone @ the altar in church (when i wuz an altar gurl @ catholic skoo) and the microphone automatically turned on and our voices echoed all across the church hall and school...lol

109. Do you read tabloids?

Ya.. when am bored

110. Did you ever find Bugs Bunny attractive when he put on a dress and played a girl bunny? 

oh yeah... lol

111. Do you like cotton candy? 


112. Do you suffer from cramps? 

once a month....lol 

113. Do you have that not-so-fresh feeling?

nope.. take a shower everyday....... am always so fresh and so cleean clean..lol

114. Favorite food?

cheesecake, ice cream, yogurt, sweet bread, salad, beef skirt plate steak, ribs, chicken, tacos...etc

115. What would be the first thing you would do if you won the lottery?

buy me a 67 stang

116. Ribbed or plain?

I hope ur reffering to teeshirts 

117. "Lala" or "Skittle de bop du wop"? 

LaLa... of course

118. Apple pie or cherry pie?


119. Pepsi or Coke?


120. Strawberry or Vanilla? 


121. Favorite movie? 

ever after... ghost world.. sweet home alerbamer.. romey and michelle.. legally blonde......etc.. just look at my interest page

122. Favorite Actor?

Will Smith, Samuel Jackson

123. Favorite Actress? 

Jeanine Garafolo, Ashley Judd, Angelina Jolie, Christina Ricci, Reese Wtherspoon, Jodie Foster and Julia Roberts 

124. Cheerios or corn flakes?

corn flakes

125. Panty hose or thigh-highs?

Thigh Highs

126. Do you shave your legs?


127. Midnight or mid-day?


128. Hope or Billy?

mmm....... i like both of them..lol

129. Cottonball or Q-tip? 


130. Dry or lubricated? 


131. Fast or slow? 


132. Hard or soft? 


133. Yogurt or ice-cream?


134. Spoon or fork? 


135. Are you crying right now?

hysterically..... lol 

136. Fling or flick?


137. Look at your middle finger, on your right hand, what do you see?


138. Look to your left, what do you see?

my water fountain with purty stones

139. Look to your right, what do you see?

the hallway

140. Who is at your house right now?

me myself and i

141. Are your legs crossed right now?

as always ;)

142. Do a few twirls, are you dizzy now? 


143. Favorite song? 

wandering star

144. Boxers or briefs?


145. Tootsie pops or blowpops? 

Blow Pops

146. Big Red, Juicy Fruit, or Doublemint?


147. Do you like to fish?


148. Is your grandpa cool?

he dope

149. Does your grandpa bore you with long stories?


150. Do you snore?

Friends tell I do...lol ( i think they lyin tho) 

151. Describe how your breath smells right now.

smells like SPRITE

152. If you were a girl, would you rather be "Matilda" or "Alexis."

I am a girl... hummm... i dunno who id be

153. Does it taste good?

ya.. the sprite's nice and bubbly 

154. Do you lick your envelopes or use a sponge?

sponge.. im traumatized by that egg insect in the glue of envelopes story

155. Do you chew on pens/pencils/--?

pens.. not pencils.. dont like the flavor it leaves

156. What is your favorite comic (like in the paper!)


157. Acting class or class act?


158. Upside-down or downside-up?

upside down

159. What's up?

the rent

160. What does "GROWL TIGER" make you think of? 

frosted flakes..lol 

161. What does this -> .dm,'fglkserhngjkqb; make you think of?

honestly it reminds me of...................... dfhsdfsdfsds,, dfshdfkj..89yusdhfsd6ssdkjsdjsdu894154...22

162. Blondes or brunettes?


163. Push or pull?


164. If a door says pull, do you automatically push?

i comprehend the meaning of pull 

165. Do you even read those door things?


166. Do spiders scare you?


167. What does?

dont really know anymore

168. Did you know I was scared of FROGS when I was a baby?

thats nice

169. What was your first word? 


170. What was your first phrase?

fucc you numbnuttz

171. What can you not pronounce?


172. Did you know my phone just rang? 

do u like scary movies

173. Is your phone ringing?


174. What's your phone number?


175. Do you eat your toe-nails?

how did u know... lol

176. Are you in drag right now?

im fierce and all that *snapps fingers*

177. WalMart of Kmart?


178. Jim Carrey or Mariah Carey?


179. How many REAL push-ups can you do?

180. How many fake push-ups can you do?


181. Go run a mile. You have ten minutes. -- Are you tired now?


182. Does your bike have 2 wheels?

nooooooooo.. its a 8 wheeler

183. Are they flat?

fucc u

184. Can you do a hand-stand?


185. Front or back?


186. Walk backward for 5 steps. Stop. Turn around. What time is it?


187. Are you on fire right now?

ya... burn baby burn disco inferno

188. If I give you a piece of paper, what are the odds of you not eating it?

someonez been watchin too much Passions..lol

189. Sprite or 7-up? 


190. Mug Rootbeer or DrPepper?


191. Bambi or Thumper?


192. Do you think Flower is hot?

do u?

193. If I told you to jump off a bridge, would you? 

if i told u to succ mah dicc would u?

194. Would you lick Prince's feet for $5?


195. Do you know there are people who would do that for free?


196. Umm. can you count how many questions are left? 


197. Is your left pinky right-handed?

wut kinna question is thaaaaaaaaaT?

198. 5+7+8-1234569U5x3=?


199. If you had 5 dollars, went to the store to buy 1 apple for 50 cents, but they were out, how many apples would you have?

700.50.... ur retarded

200. Do you know how many calories you burn when you do the wild thing?

Depends on how wild u do it for

201. How do you spell Czechoslovakia?

gee i wonder

202. Can you burp whenever you want?

yes... im super talented :)

203. Will you call me?

only if i can slang ur azz

204. What is the corniest pick-up line you've ever HEARD? 

You must be Jamaican cause Jaimaican me horney baby

205. When you sit are you actually standing? 

ur dumb

206. Spit or swallow? <-- I mean gum :P.


207. When it's time for you to go to bed, do you go or stay up talking to me?

I go... and continue this tommorow..... buh byez now

208. Did you know Mariah Carey rulez? 


209. How old were you when you were 12?

............gee, I DONT KNOW... WHY DON'T YOU TELL ME??? 

210. On a good day how many tootsie pops can you eat?

how many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop..... is the quest-eon

211. On a bad?


212. X-Men or Power Rangers?


213. Go into a crowded public place.. try to bite your ear and hit your chest.. What happens? 

am not that psycho

214. Do people give you money?


215. Pizza or squid?


216. Love or war?


217. What's your favorite sense: touch, sight, hearing, smelling, or taste? and why?


218. If you could relive one day of your life, what day, and why?

humm...... the day i was born..... cuz lifez been shitty

219. Shake or stir?

stir... with 2 olives not 3 please

220. Pen or pencil?


221. On or off?


222. Ribbit or croak?


223. Comb or brush? 


224. Sitting: Indian-style or on your knees.


225. What do you call them: Bangs or fringe? 


226. How long are yours? 


227. How long is it?

like 20 inch i think

228. Will you please send me your picture? 


229. A large group of friends or a best friend?

best friend

230. Nick or Shawn?


231. Lori or Kim?


232. Laurie or Lori?


233. Chris or Kris? 


234. Who is the most perverted person you've ever met?

there are so many

235. Why?

too horney

236. Who is the weirdest person you've ever met?


237. Why?

cuz i like strange things

238. Would you consider yourself: wild or mild? 


239. Would you consider yourself: shy, fly, high, or dry?


240. Would you consider yourself: bad, rad, mad, or sad? (ok these are lame so what :P)


241. Wind, water, or fire? 


242. Earth or sky?


243. Iced or hot?


244. Mocha or regular?


245. Would you like fries with that?

fa sho

246. Single or double?


247. Mild or hot sauce?


248. What do you think about guns?

heh heh

249. What color is your hand?

a lighter shade of brown baby

250. Do you like being called nice?

i guess

251. Are you right-faced?


252. If you were a frog would you eat flies?

if i were poisnous.. id lick myself.. be like beavis.... wuts up beavis.. huuuu-uhhh

253. Do you eat flies already?

oh yea.. everyday man

254. If you were a cat would you eat rats?

humm... prolly

255. Do you have a pet rat? 

i did..... had 2..... Itchy and Scratchy... but then they moved with my best friend at that time... to Arizona

256. Name your pets.

ok Arlene.. my kitty
Penelope.. my kittys' kitty
Oso.. my doggy
Muneca.. my kitty
Lassie.. my doggy
Bambi... my doggy
Capoline... my doggy
Duke.. my doggy
Chippy... my birdy
Fishy.. my fishy...lol
colorine.. my bull
and the list goes on and on and on and on 

257. Do you love your pets?

very dearly

258. Are you an exclamation kind of person or a period?

period...... cuz wut i say goes and that is that

259. Do you love me (question mark)


260. VHS or hi-8?


261. What is better: sand or dirt?


262. What is better: walks on the beach with sand flying at you or walks in the mountains with killer squirrels?

beach and sand

263. Are you scared of small animals?


264. Alvin, Simon, or Theodore?

Jeannete... my twin....lol

265. Leave-in or Rinse-out? 

rinse out

266. Straight, waves, or curls? 

i like all

267. Who is your favorite power ranger?


268. Who is your favorite Smurf? 

papa.. cuz hez wise like muahz

269. Who is your favorite GI Joe?

all of them

270. Do you love Optimus Prime?

ya.. hez dope

271. How did Optimus Prime die in Transformers - the movie?

ohhhhh.. i cant tell u that.. watch the movie and find out

272. Did you watch Pee Wee's Playhouse when you were little?

connect the dots.. la la la la

273. Would you watch it now if it was still on?

fak yaaaaa.. heh heh..lol

274. How many licks does it take to get to the tootsie roll center of a tootsie pop?

according to that owl...3

275. Will the world ever know? 


276. Did you have to go ask Owl to find out?

nope..he jus told me outta the blu wun day

277. Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, Kanga, Roo, Piglet, Eeyore, Rabbit, or Owl?


278. Was Winnie The Pooh better as a cartoon or puppets?


279. Have you ever been to Disneyland?


280. Have you ever been to Disneyworld?


281. If not, do you want to? If yes, do you want to go again?


282. Have you ever been out of the country?


283. If so, where?


284. Do you like where you live?


285. Do a cart-wheel. Was that fun?


286. Count your fingers. How many do you have?


287. How many times has Wile E. Coyote been squished?

way too many

288. Do you secretly wish the road-runner would get caught?

do i plan to take over the world.. heh heh heh

289. Who is better: Sylvester or Tweety?


290. Is your room messy right now? 

it looks... lived in

291. Count your fingers again. How many do you have now?


292. Are you sure you counted correctly?

let me count again... make that 12

293. Do you have a thing for Peter Cottontail?


294. Have you ever been in love with a cartoon character?


295. What is your favorite TV show? 


296. Who is your favorite cartoon character?

harley quinn.. garfield... daria... jus look @ my interests page again

297. Who is your favorite TV character?


298. What are your favorite awards show? 

music awards

299. Do you think you are going to be famous one day?

dunno... its possible

300. If so, for what? If no, why not? 

for helpin others

301. What was the last certificate/award you got for?

bein a nerd in skoo 

302. Are you obsessed with sports? 

kinna sorta

303. What is your favorite sport?


304. Do you watch or play that sport?

all the time 

305. What is your favorite basketball team?


306. What is your favorite baseball team?


307. What is your favorite hockey team? 

mighty duccs..lol

308. What is your favorite football team? 

that i dont know

309. Favorite players? 

Imma Zimmerman

310. What is the most boring thing to watch on TV?

the news in italian

311. Do you watch golf?

when Im EXTREMELY bored 

312. Who is your favorite golfer? 

Happy Gilmore 

313. If you said you weren't bored before, are you now? If yes, SHUSH!

kinna... not really tho

314. What are you the King of?

am the queen of drama..lol

315. Can you name all the characters on the Simpsonís?

Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, Maggie, Grandpa, Milhouse, Principal Skinner, Moe the bartender, Barney, Otto, Mr. Burns, Santaís little helper, the neighbor Ned Flanders, Maud, ah...their kids, Krusty the Klown, Side Show Bob, and that other side show guy...Itchy and Scratchy, Smithers, Apu, Patty and Selma, Nelson the bully, Bleeding Gums Murphy, Father Lovejoy, his wife, The Lawyer that does everything, the spanish Doctor guy, Cheif Wiggins, his and his retard son.. and uh... all the other kids at school.. and guys at work...lol

316. What is the bartenders name?


317. What is the quickie-mart's owner's name?


318. Who is the police chief? 


319. What is your school called?

UCI baby

320. What grade are you in? 


321. What is your school colors? 

gold blue and white

322. What is your school mascot?

Peter the Anteater..lol

323. What clubs are you in? 

fencing club and honors club

324. Do you have a specific person who is your school mascot?


325. If yes, what is his/her name and what do they wear? If no, you should. 


326. How many teachers do you have?


327. What is your favorite subject? 


328. Why?

b/c its challenging

329. What is your worst subject?


330. Why?

cuz they dont teach it right

331. What do you wish you had done in the past, but didn't?

i dont knooooooow... i think ive done everything

332. What do you wish you hadn't done? 

eaten that pizza that one day..... got sicc

333. What do you wish for?

world peace

334. What are your goals?

to be an attorney/fbi agent

335. What do you plan to be? 

something in law enforcement

336. Are you going to college (now or future?)


337. Did middle school suck?

it was alright

338. Did elementary school suck?

it was alright

339. Did you call elementary school something else? (grade school, basic?)


340. How many people go to your school? 

a lot

341. How many did you wish go to your school?

like 20 so i could get parking

342. Do you hate anyone?

nope..... h8 is the result of either jealousy or ignorance and quite frankly my dear.... i dont feel that for anyone :)

343. Do you love anyone?


344. Do you have a friend that you wish wasn't?

Oh GOD yes.

345. Do you read your horoscope? 


346. Do you believe in that stuff?

kinda... depends on the source

347. Whipped cream or fudge syrup?

whipped cream

348. Please tell that someone that you love, just what you're thinking of, if tomorrow never comes! Did they like it?

ohm.. ya

349. Do you pick up pennies off the ground, if you find them?

yes but only if they are face up... so i can make a wish

350. Have you ever found someone's wallet?


351. Did you give it back?

which time

352. What is the most money you've ever found at once?

20 dollars

353. Who is your favorite model? 

 Tyra Banks... shes not airheady like most models... shes smart.. independent and does wutever she likes without givin a fok bout wut ppl think... shes dope

354. Do you think women with a lot of makeup on are prettier?

fAk no

355. Do you want to be a model?


356. Can you walk the runway?

fa sho.. succ mah face up n errythang

357. Have you ever pretended you could?

nope.. dont gotsta pretend

358. Are you too sexy for your clothes? 

nope.. just right

359. Have you ever gone out with more than one person at a time?

ohm.... i plead the fifth

If so, what happened?

I felt bad so i left both of them

360. Do you read other people's mail? 


361. Are you Curious George?

only when it comes to knowledge

362. Do you like monkeys? 


363. Do you look like a monkey?


364. Are yawns contagious?


365. Does yawning turn you on?


366. Do you like Alanis Morissette?

yeah.. my Ex's cousin used to call me Alanis..lol

367. Do you think she is pretty? 


368. Do you think she is a good singer?

yeah.. i can relate to her words 

369. What type of fetishes do you have?

none you sicc fucc

370. Do you wear socks on in bed? 


371. Do socks turn you on?

get the fuck outta here

372. What do your weirdest socks look like?

they are black and have hot pink green blue yellow and white strippes.. lol... i know.. but God are they warm

373. Do your socks have holes in them?


374. Do you want a Volkswagen?

yep.. a buggy

375. What is that kind of phone called with the round dialer thing that they don't make now?


376. Do your socks smell? 

yep... like tide with bleach ;)

377. Do you smell?

yep.... i got my victoria's secret perfume on..lol 

378. What do you smell like?

secret crush

379. Will what you smell like make me puke?

unless ur allergic to fruit

380. What cologne do your wear?

I dont wear cologne

381. Or do you wear perfume? 


382. Does it smell better or worse than you?

i smell like Dove.... my pArfume smells fruity... so u tell me

383. Do you like CK-1 or CK-Be?

I like R2D2c3p0

384. Do you wish you were a woman?

I am one but if i wasnt.. HELL YA!!

385. So what's your foot doing right now?

it's kiccin it under mah chair

386. Look up, what's there?

uh... the ceiling

387. Do you have cable?


388. Do you have extended-cable?

noperz.. jus regular.. as long as i got mah discovery and court tv.. iz all good

389. Do you think the word "HyPeRnEsS" sounds cool?


390. Do you have caller-ID?

maaaaaaaaaybe..... y... are u fixin on callin me?

391. Do you have call-waiting? 


392. Do you have 2 phone lines?


393. Do you think the phone company rips you off?


394. Do you like your mom? 

i love babushka

395. Do you like your dad?

i love big poppa

396. Do you like your siblings?

oh yes.. i love my slaves

397. Now that you've been filling this out for a while, do you still remember what 1+1 = ? 


398. Do you have to use the bathroom now?


399. When was the last time you did?

like 5 hrs ago

400. Do you have a guy bathroom or girl bathroom?

its androgynous

401. Are you the God of Kinkiness? 


402. What is your bathroom's color theme? 


403. What room are you in now?

living room

404. What color shows up there the most?

brown.. burgundy

405. Do you know who Keroppi is?


406. Do you know what Sanrio is?


407. Can you wink with either eye?

sho nuff can *wink*

408. Can you roll your tongue?


409. Do you have a chin-cleft?


410. Do you like MTV?

its alright

411. Do you like Beavis and Butthead?

beavis.. huuuuuuu-uuu-uuuuuuuuuuuuhhh... wutz up beavis

412. Are you double-jointed?


413. When was the last time you went to a picnic?

last week

414. Do you like parks?


415. Do you like hiking? 


416. Do you like kids?


417. Are you a kid?

@ heart

418. Do you want kids? 

have a child already

419. Do you want kids now?


420. How many kids do you want?


421. Do you want to be a single parent?


422. Are you going Easter egg hunting?

yes..... as  i do every year 

423. Do you hide Easter eggs from yourself?

ya...lol.. but *whispering* dont tell anyone

424. Do you hide gifts/money from yourself so you find them later and are surprised?

yea.. hahahhahahhahahah

425. Do you like your memories?

Most of them 

426. Have you ever been digging in your backyard (if you have one) and found something interesting? 


427. If so, what? If no, start digging!


428. Did you know my phone just rang again?


429. Now is yours ringing?


430. What is your favorite radio station?

KROQ... power 106 and groove radio :)

431. Do you know what a jingle is?


432. Does your radio station have one?


433. Have you memorized all their commercials?

i have a life u know

434. Do they play as many commercials as they play music?


435. What kind of music do they play?

rocc.. hip hop.. u know all that top 40 shiat.. sept for groove....... they play mah trance ..heh heh

436. Are you hungry right now?

437. Do you know of all the radio stations in your area?


438. Do you not even care?


439. When were you the most surprised last/ever?

dont remm

440. Why? What happened?


441. Uh, oh. My phone rang again. Did you know that time?


442. Do you like it or hate it when people call?

hate it 

443. Are you psychic? 


444. Are you psycho?

yea an insane not givin a fuccccc no cracchead can compare psyko 

445. Do you like Beck?


446. Do you have 2 turntables and a microphone?

fa shoooooooooooooooo

447. Do you want to be a DJ?

am a dj

448. Are you a DJ?


449. Do you know "where it's at?"


450. Where do you want to be right now?

in London

451. Make a fist. Do you feel manly now?


452. Do you like school? 


453. Do you bathe daily?


454. Weekly?


455. Monthly?


456. What is the first thing you do when you wake up?

*singing* the morning i wake up... before i put on my makeup... i say a lil prayer for yooooooooou..lol

457. Do you like waking up?

not really

458. Are you a morning person?

hell no

459. Would you let a girl paint your nails if she asked?

shore why not

460. Do you do it yourself?


461. Do your grandparents live in a cabin?


462. Do you want to be the Unibomber junior?


463. Are you scared of the Easter Bunny?

nope.. its scared of me

464. What about the Tooth Fairy?


465. Do you like sitting on Santa's lap?


466. When was the last time you did?

I can't remember

467. Would you sit on Santa's lap for some silly putty?

for a second

468. Do you have a Ken doll?


469. Do you like him? 

he's plastic

470. Do you want Barbie?

i have enuff

471. Do you still play with GI Joes?

not as much

472. Are transformers cool?

fok yaa

473. Do you love A Christmas Story?

omg.. that is like THEE BEST XMAS STORy,.. ull shoot ur eye out kid..lol

474. Is it time to slam down?

not yet 

475. Does A Wonderful Life make you sick?

sss aight

476. Do you like glue?


477. What is your favorite recreational sport?


478. Do you have a car?


479. What kind? 

honda accord

480. What kind of car do you want?

67 chevy or impala

481. Have you ever swum in the Nile River?


482. Do you have a thing for alligators? 

yes it's called a muzzle.

483. Are you a cat-man or a dog-man?


484. Would you rather go to church or pet your dog?


485. What is the plural form of "SWAN?"


486. Do you like geese?

nothing against them.

487. Do you like hot dogs?

they aight

488. What about hamburgers?

you betcha

489. Ketchup, Mayo, or mustard? 


490. What is your favorite letter?

D & J

491. Cup or glass? 


492. How many calories are in one 8 OZ. serving of Western Family Strawberry-Banana lowfat yogurt? 

like 120

493. Are your feet cold right now?


494. Do you believe in aliens? 

yup.... e.b.e's 

495. Have you ever seen a UFO?

on tv

496. What is your newspaper called?

LA Times and San Diego Union Tribune

497. Do you enjoy work?


498. Do you consider yourself smart?

ohm.... well rounded

499. Do you like your ears?


500. Do you know what? 

wut.. OMG............. im finished... wooopeeeee

Completed 1.9.03