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veronika :name
chinese :nationality
burnaby :residence
eighteen :age
single :status
theorist :occupation

get to know me more...

forever a perfectionist and a dreamer.

optimistic (people) . pessimistic (life)
shy (strangers) . outgoing (friends)
insecure (everything) . understanding (compromises)
dependent (emotional) . independant (financial)
life analyst (thinks too much) . easy going (open)
sentimental (cherishes things) . hopeful (changes?)


i despise decisions. changes. and regret.
decisions lead to changes and changes could possibly result in regret.

how am i to make it through life
when i can`t even do the basics?

i`m a walking contradiction.


when people approach me in an uncomfortable circumstance i tend to not know what to do and may come off as a snob, but i`m not. i`m really friendly and open if we meet less abruptly and in more subtle ways.

high maintanence? (relationship wise)

absolutely not! i`m a simple person and little things make me happy. i don`t ask for much. i just need a sense of security, but i don`t need constant reminders. it`s just nice to be reminded here and there that i`m being cared for or where we stand. i don`t expect gifts and prefer more thoughtful things that are homemade. anyone can go out there and buy me a gift, but to take time out of your life to make me something shows me that i`m worth your time. i don`t expect you to put me infront of your friends because friends are important and probably have known you longer than i have. however, i do ask to be chosen over friends on special occasions. i`m a really understanding person and is always willing to compromise. i do like to have some sort of communication each day (phone?) because communication is key to relationships. i don`t need to see you everyday. two to three days a week is enough for me any more than that is a bonus. is that too much to ask for?

party girl?

haha you`d be surprised. i can party but i actually prefer to stay at home. most people can`t stand to stay at home everyday but i can actually do it and it`s not agonizing at all. most people also like to go out when they`re depressed, but once again i prefer to stay at home. i`m actually a geek that just goes to school and enjoys school :x

i wanna run away...

the journey

to the world you`re just one person, but to me you are the world.

it`s funny how a single person could have such a big impact on your life. one person can change the way you have thought and lived for the past however many years you`ve been inexistence. what`s even more comical is that that one person usually never realizesthis and will never know. it`s quite a sad thing actually. could this be considered as situational irony?

everything happens for a reason

everything does happen for areason but you can`t help but ask why. why do things happen? have you noticed that you never find out until way later on? when you absolutely need to know why you never get an answer, but you always tend to find the answer somewhere down the road just out of the blue...when it`s not even important anymore.

is it worth it?

people come into our lives and leave impressions that will forever be remembered. they appear before you and provide you with happy and cherishable moments that can be reminisced about, but when they leave it`s a whole different story. the kaleidoscope of feelings that one must go through is unspeakable. no matter how many times things are weighed and re-weighed i find it impossible for those happy moments to surpass the amount of depression being endured. it seems to take a lot more strength to get through the low times of life...some people don`t even make it.


have you ever had something you wanted more than anything else in the world? itís the theme of your dreams, the topic of your prayers, the meaning of your existence. a dream that extends and transcends beyond your temporary and ordinary everyday needs and wants. something out of your grasp. something you can only fathom about. how do you get it?

innocence + purity

the forgotten wonders of life

as we grow older and live more we actually live less. we take everyday things for granted. today i watched the birds soar above me in the sky. i forgot how beautiful it was. it`s amazing how they can just hover up in the air like that and have a chance to feel so free. such a simple thing like that brought a smile to my face. i felt as though i was a child again.

tranquility + ecstasy

it occurred to me that both these words describe a feeling of euphoria and creates a blissful atmosphere. however, they are both drugs. is this the only way we can achieve this much wanted tranquil haven?

meaning of life

what happens when life has lost its meaning? when you find yourself constantly trying to delve for something meaningful. it`s as if the once flourishing incentive that motivated one to strive for more has been diminished. the passion that once burned so fiercely has been extinguished by a simple breath.


in my opinion destiny is merely an escape from reality along with many other things. it`s a disillusionment of life, refusing to face the truth. it`s a dimension in which you hope for the best blocking out all possiblities of disappointment and failure. a theory that creates peace within one`s mind furthering the lie. nothing is destined. we create our own destinies with each decision made.

just a thought...


i hate circles. why does everything revolve around circles? see, even the word revolve is a circular word. i seem to always find myself back at the same place where i had started off. life is just one big circle. how do i break free from this vicious cycle?

i was a princess,
and that was my fairy tale,
but the chapter has ended...

on the outside

+ preferably asian unless he looks like the guy above
+ 5`10"-6`0"
+ nice smile/teeth
+ toned like the body above
+ soft skin
+ casual
+ absolutely no smoking or has quit smoking
+ completely legit

on the inside

ready for committment and a long term relationship
+ hardworking
+ goal orientated
+ intellegent
+ mature mindset
+ able to make compromises
+ determined
+ patient
+ loyal/trustworthy
+ kind hearted (not only to those that he knows but strangers as well)
+ manly
+ sweet
+ funny
+ no mind games
+ easy going
+ has a streak of bad in them
+ financially independant

here`s the deal...

my dream guy must compliment me so we work well together. his outlook on life must be more optimistic than mine. he should be able to perceive things both my way and his own. i need a manly guy that is not smothering and is straight forward which means no mind games. he must able to be an inspiration and motivate me. i should feel as though i can accomplish anything with him by my side.

pet peeves

i hate guys that are really clingy and needs my attention 24/7.

i hate guys that aretoo emotional and sensivtive

i hate guys who play mind games especially guilt tripping.

i hate guys who like public displays of affection.

open the doors of opportunity, and walk down the path that awaits you.

+ stay single for at least a year
+ become part time hardhouse/trance dj
+ graduate from sfu business
+ find that special someone
+ establish a career in international business
+ become financially stable on my own
+ get married by age 26

...maybe by then i`ll learn to love life.

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