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Wheeler Boston Incandescent

The Wheeler Boston streetlight shown here is an incandescent streetlight, made in the 1950s, and has a quarter moon reflector. It may not be a California streetlight, but it still makes part of my collection and I think it is neat. These quarter moons were common in the Northeast and the New England states, but I have never seen one on California roads. Although I believe some Wheeler Boston radial waves found their way here. This luminaire came from a small town in Connecticut, and is now enjoying the nice and dry California climate. Anyway enjoy the pics!

The ribbed, polished metal strips on the sides of the reflector are designed for a certain light distribution, likely Type III which has a narrower spread from the sides of the luminaire than Type II, but permits more light across the street. The clear lamp inside is just a clear 150 watt A-21, but I have an authentic 1000 lumen multiple streetlighting lamp somewhere, a Sylvania 105 watt of relatively recent manfacture.

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