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GE Form 400 with Long Slipfitter

This GE Form 400 shown here is not your typical Form 400 luminaire. Those who are experts at detecting different streetlight models will notice that this particular luminaire has a longer slipfitter than regular Form 400s, but still shorter than the intergrally ballasted Form 400. I have wondered about why this one had the longer slipfitter, then I figured out that they actually have recessed sockets that allow 700-1000 watt mercury vapor lamps to fit in, thus the reason for the longer slipfitters. The regular Form 400s with short slipfitters can only take lamps up to the ED-37/BT-37 size, which is the typical size used for 400 watt lamps. The heads themselves are exactly the same size. I have thought they were called Form 402s because a 402 can take 1000 watt lamps, but they turn out to not be 402s, since a real Form 402 is actually larger than a Form 400, physically.

The above light was mounted on the side of a grocery store, and the lot had 8 of them alltogther. This photo was taken sometime in mid 2002, but unfortunately during Feburary/March 2003 all these lights were replaced by Lithonia CH 120s (formerly T&B/AE Series 125), 400 watt HPS full cutoff. There is still a large shopping center in San Jose that has some of those lights around, and some of them still have clear 1000 watt mercury lamps in them.

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