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Radial Waves on S Upsweep Arms

Radial Wave on 6 feet S shaped arm. This particlar one has a Philips 25 watt SLS CFL lamp, almost all in this town have incandescent bulbs, usually 1000 lumen or 4000 lumen.

The little town of Ross, CA, located in Marin County north of San Francisco, is home to at least a few hundred incandescent radial wave streetlights, and they are awesome to see day or night! Some are on 6' S shaped upsweep arms, and are commonly used in northern CA. Several pics of radial waves on such arms can be viewed here, enjoy!

Another view of above radial wave

Another view of above radial wave

Another radial wave on S arm, with a 1960s NEMA head

Real old radial wave on older S arm and external wiring, likely converted from series to multiple. Note photocontrol on wooden crossbar.

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