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Historic I-Street Bridge

The historic I-Street Bridge in Sacramento, CA was built in 1911 and goes across the Sacramento River and connects West Sacramento and Sacramento together, and even connects two seperate counties, Sacramento and Yolo Counties. The bridge used to be part of CA 16, it has been decommissoned and the mantainece of the bridge is now mantained by the city of West Sacramento from what I understand. As you will see in the photos below, the bridge is full of nice old lights and other interesting stuff! Enjoy!

Western start of I-Street Bridge in West Sacramento, and the remote ballasted clamshells are already visible.

Approaching the drawbridge truss. The city of Sacramento skyline can be seen in the background.

Hey, here's something neat for you roadgeeks, an old postmile posted by Caltrans when it was still part of CA 16. It is now under local control, but somehow this postmile has not been removed.

The above are real old incandescent lights for use to illuminaite the immediate area. They have not been used in many years. Both bulbs are clear 300 watt PS-30s, and both have broken filaments. The truss itself is lit by mercury vapor wallpacks.

The last two photos show the return to West Sacramento with another view of the remote ballasted luminaires.

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