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GE M-400A2 Full Cutoff Luminaires

A GE M-400A2 Full Cutoff, 200 watt HPS, Santa Cruz, CA. Photo taken by me.

These photos are of the GE M-400A2 full cutoff. They were orginally called the M-400A Full cutoff, introduced in 1980 and always used the ballast on the power door. Around 1986 or 1987 they got a slight update, changing the door latch to the current wire latch (a GE design) and moving the photocontrol forward to the middle of the head. Around 1986 or 87 GE also introduced a single door full cutoff version called the M-400R2 (still no photo yet). In 1997 GE introduced the new M-400 and M-400A ones which look like American Electric 125s but with thicker doors and wire latches, which eventually superseded the luminaires shown here. The ones below are 250 watt HPS ones in Carlsbad, CA. Note the spiky wires on the luminaires and the mastarms. They are used to fend off the birds. Special thanks to Joe Hunter for contributing these photos below.

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