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ITT American Electric Series 13

The luminaire shown here is the ITT/American Electric Series 13 model. The 13 was AE's smallest cobrahead utilizing lamps up to 250 watts, while the larger Series 25 (check out AE 25 link in MV section) uses 200-400 watt lamps, and the even bigger 327 takes 700-1000 watt lamps. The 13 and 25 would continue to be in production until 1988, when they would be superseded by the new 113 (photo in HPS section) and the 125. The 327 remains unchanged to this day. The luminaire photographed here is a 175 watt mercury vapor luminaire, installed sometime during the late 1970s and has a somewhat faded blue "17" label on the door. It is one of the few mercury missouts, which the utility missed during the big changeout from mercury to HPS. You can see the night photo below of the luminaire lit up, and note the orange spots on the pavement in the background...these are HPS lights although the light themselves are blocked by trees.

An older Series 13 from late 1960s with early refractor, Santa Clara, CA.

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