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About This Layout

This layout is named "Starry Nights". Navigation can be done using the traditional text links at the left.

This design will work extremely well in advance browsers that support CSS well. Not as nice in less advance browsers. The entire design works with the external style sheet, formatting the colors, backgrounds for the various table cells and padding provided. Without the external style sheet, this design will not look proper.

This design can be used as a template for an entire site. Read the DDG PHP Tutorials to learn how to do so.

Using This Design

I have made a HTML and a PHP version for this design Its all included in the zip file. For HTML design, simply extract index.html and all the images into the same folder.

Navigation is customized in index.html or index.php.You can have unlimited navigation at the left side.

You should have a good understanding of HTML codes and CSS codes. Read the readme.txt in the zip file for customizing this layout.

Special Copyrights & Usage Policies

This design is from the special designs section of All designs in this section must be fully credited because they are created from scratch. No anime related designs and therefore I hold the copyrights to the code, layouts and entire design.

Design using brushes from Angelic-Trust and Nocturna. Design inspired by Digitally Unpopular.

If you do not wish to credit me for my work, please do not use it. I have a lawyer and I reserve the rights to sue for copyright infringements. I took great pains to make these layouts for free, easy adoptions so please respect my terms.

For credit, please do not edit the link to DayDreamGraphics at the bottom of this design, and the author meta tag in the source code. I do not accept replacing my bottom link with a small link somewhere on a credit page.

You can edit the code to put in your design, or the images, colors etc as long as the link to DDG remains. If this design inspires you to make a similar design, I'll appreciate a link somewhere very much. Thanks and enjoy.

Website (c) 2002 Your Name. Design (c) 2002 DayDreamGraphics. All rights reserved.