If you would like me to make u a doll quote like the ones seen on this site..fill out the form below.

You can order up to 3 but please fill out seperate forms for each or i will not make them.


1.)Fill out your name and email address, i need ur email address in order to send the quote to you when im finished.

2.)Fill in ur website if you have one

3.) Fill out the quote box with what you would like it to say(ex: quotes,names,etc..)

4.) In the space where it says "colors and details here" put any specific colors or details that you would like on ur quote(ex:font colors,type of font,borders or no, border colors,background colors,how many dolls, male or female ones,doll colors like hair or clothes,etc...*you do not have to include any or all of these & u may include more*) if u do not fill this in, i will choose everything for you

These are totally customizable so put anything u would like customized