*I kNoW* *SoMeTiMeZ* *iT MiGhT* * bE CrAzY*... * BuT I'LL* * aLwAyZ bE* *hErE fOr* *U BaBy*

SuMtyMz tHiNgS HaPpEn & wE dUn UnDaStAnD wHy sUmTyMz tHiNgS HaPpEn & wE CAnT HeLp BuT CrY BuT wEn YoU FeEL u CaNt PuT uP WiT iT aNy LoNgA -JuSs HoLd OnN- _CuZ BeLieVe Me_ --WuT dOnT KiLL u MaKeZ u StRoNgEr--

:: GiRLz LyK mE giVe MaGiCaL kiSsEs :: :: gRaNt MaGiCaL wiShEs :: :: MaKe DrEaMs CuM tRu :: ::aNd OnLy LoVe A sELeCtEd FeW ::

No MaTTeR hOw LoNg i WaiT fOr YoU My WiShEs AnD dReAmS wiLL nEvEr CoMe tRuE So ThE oNLy ThiNg ThAt i CaN dO iS hOLd BaCk My TeArS aNd 4GeT aBoUt YoU

...*tHeY sAy yOu NeVeR fOrGeT yOuR fIrSt LoVe~ tHaTs beCaUsE yOu NeVeR stOp LoViNg hIm...*

i'm tired of trying i'm tired of crying i know i've been smiling but inside i'm dying

~As time goes by, and my feelings grow stronger, to be in your arms, I can't wait any longer. Look in my eyes and you'll see it's true, day & night my thoughts are of only you~

*Every once in a while this unbelievable sadness comes over my heart and breaks it all over again ... not because of the way things are but the way things could have been.*

Just A Reminder...God's last name is NOT "Dammit"

yOu TeLL mE yOuR NoT rEaDy tO bE WiTh mE, It MaKeS mE WoNdEr iF yOu & I WiLL eVeR bE... i gO ThRu EaCh dAy HoPiNg yOu'lL FiNaLLy oPeN yOuR EyEs & SeE tHaT wE'rE MeAnT tO Be.

*Sometimes you gotta lose something good to get something better*

Im So CoNfUsEd, WhAT sHOuLD i Do... FaLL fOr HiM, oR sTaY wItH YoU?

BoYs ArE nOtHiNg BuT 'SeCrEtS' n .LiEs. So WhEn YaH gEt -fUcCeD oVeR- DoNt Be ( S u R p R i S e D )

°*°I WaNnA Be ThE OnE HeS ChIlLiN WiThº*º *HuGiGiN n KiSsIn* *WhEn We AiNt ToGeThEr I WaNnA Be ThE OnE HeS GoNnA Be MiSsIn°*°

ThErE’s No HaRd FeeLiNgs…No-OnE tO BlAmE… JuSt TwO PeOpLe…WhO DoN’T FeEl ThE same

iM sUrE uVe hEaRd tHat bEhInD eVeRy GrEaT gUy tHeRES a gReAt GiRL WeLL hAve u HeArD tHat bEhInD eVeRy GrEaT gIrL ..ThErEs a GuY sTaRiNg aT hEr AzZ..

..* GOOD * Friends get drunk with you.. ..But * BEST * Friends hold your hair back when you've had too much to drink..

It's hard to get over him when *everything* reminds you of him…

Jus cuz I *FLÎR†*..Doesn't mean I'm interested

~*~It's called skill, get some~*~

sO mAnY BoYs » sO LiTtLe TiMe.... FoUnD ThE RiGhT oNe bUt hE CaN NeVeR Be MiNe!*!

My dReAmZ tELL mE sEcReTs... My mInD tELLs mE LIeS... My hEaRt sCrEaMs 4 hELp... My EyEz OnLy cRy...

-*-YoU gAvE Me YoUr UpS wHeN i WaS fEeLiNg DoWn-*- -*-YoU gAvE mE yoUr sMiLeS wHeN I BeGaN tO fRoWn-*- -*-yOu gAvE Me yOur ArMs WhEn i NeEDeD a HuG-*- -*-...AnD yOu gAvE mE yOuR HeArT wHeN i NeEdEd sOmEoNe tO LoVe-*-

yOu'Re ThE rEaSoN i lAUGh ThE rEaSoN i sMiLe i hAvEn'T FeLT ThIs wAy AbOuT sUMonE iN aWhiLe

FiRsT u DiSsEd mE nOw u WaNnA kIsS mE bUt iTs tOo LaTe bAbY cOz nOw u MiSsEd mE

You're the *cutest* thing I ever did see.. Knock on my heart and i'll give you the key..

Im SiNgLe & SeXy fReE 2 fLiRt i wAnNa Be In LuV bUt DoNt WaNnA gEt HuRt

( . YoU juSt hAvE . ) ( . tO LeArN tO fOrGet . ) ( . AbOuT tHe PeOPlE . ) ( . WhO fOrGot BoUt YoU . )

*I mEt SuM1 ThA oThAh NiTe sUm1 i ReAlLy StArTeD tO LiKe HoW wiLL i KnO iF hEs RiTe 4 mE? i WoNdA iF wE wErE mEaNt 2 b..*

*·:x:·* I GoT DrEaMs In HiDdEn PlAcEs*·:x:·* *·:x:·* ExTrA sMiLeS WhEn I'm BlUe*·:x:·* *·:x:·* BuT ThAt SpEcIaL PlAcE In My HeArT*·:x:·* *·:x:·* I'm SaViNg JuSt FoR YoU*·:x:·*

Your Not Worth My Tears, I'm Not Doing Fine... I Don't Know Why I Give You The Time... Your Not Worth The Pain, Your Not Worth The Emptiness, I Don't Know Why I Wish You Were Mine¸.·´¨`»

v´`×iT AiNt GuNnA HaPpEn×´`v v´`×iM PrEtTy MuCh AwArE×´`v v´`×nOMaTTa wHuT i SaY 2 U×´`v v´`×i KnO dAt U DoNt cArE×´`v v´`×FriEnDz? NoT My cHoIcE×´`v v´`×At LEaSt ItS sUmTHIn×´`v v´`×iD rAtHa hAvE tHaT×´`v v´`×ThAn FoR Us tO B nUtHiN×´`v

*·:·*iTz onLy yoU ThAt bRinGz a SmiLe to mY fAce *·:·*itZ oN|y yOu ThAt i lovE tO eMbRace*·:·* *·:·* itZ onLy yOu i thiNk n MiSs *·:·* *·:·*iTz oN|Y yOu i wAnt To kIsS*·:·* *·:·*Itz onLy WiTh yOu i wAnNA bE*·:·* *·:·*iTz on|Y yOu i See wiTh mE*·:·*

..We'LL nEvEr Be ToGeThEr.. ..sTiLL yOuRe iN mY hEaRt FoReVeR.. ..i DoNt KnOw HoW.. ..i DoNt KnOw WhEn.. ..iLL gEt UsEd To ThE fAcT.. ..ThAt YoU'rE jUsT mY fRiEnD..

i DoNt WaNt To FaLL bAcK iN lOvE wItH yOu CuZ iT aLwAyS mAkEs Me CrY EvErYtImE i ThInK oF yOu i OnLy ThInK oF LiEs i GuEsS yOu NeVeR eVeN cArEd cUz YoU nEvEr EvEn tRiEd bUt My HeArT iS sTiLL lOvInG yOu eVeN tHoUgH yOuR lOvE 4 Me HaS DiEd

* L o V e * ItS HarD 2 FinD...EaSy 2 LoSe MaKeS You FeeL GooD...BuT HurtS So Bad OpenS Ur EyeS But MakeS U BlinD FillS Up Ur HearT & TearS It AparT