Wanting him is hard to get. Loving him is hard to regret. Losing him is hard to accept. But with all the hurt I've felt, letting go is the most painful yet.

.:*I wish i could go back to when.... my clothes didnt match..... i didnt care wut my hair looked like.... guys were the definition of cooties..... we had recess..... and i never knew wut tru pain felt like cuz my heart was unbroken*:.

*Some people are just not meant to be in your life no matter how much you want them to be.*

if it didnt really matter u wouldnt be spendin so much time thinkin about it.

we may fight, and we may cry, but our friendship will never die, I'll care for u until the end, b cuz u r my best friend.

The Greatest Thing You'll Ever Learn Is Just To Love And Be Loved In Return...

~Will your arms still hold me & your eyes console me? Baby please don't turn your back, & just pretend that your heart still needs me, & your soul completes me... Can we find a way to fall in love again?~

Ur My AnGeL fRoM uP aBoVe i WaS sHoT bY uR aRRoW -n- NoW iM iN LoVe WiT a ThOuSaNd StArS aLL iN tHe SkY My FaVoRiTeS r ThE oNeS tHaT sPaRkLe iN uR eYeS u'LL hAvE mY hEaRt FoReVeR wiTh aLL mY LoVe WeRe MeAnT tO bE 2gEtHeR

~-~I thought I loved ya and kept running back~-~ ~-~I guess the whole time u was plannin ur attack~-~ ~-~But dont worry bout me cuz I've got some1 new~-~ ~-~But after all this pain you've caused- I still love you~-~

i DoNt ReGrEt ThE tHiNgS i HaVe DoNe Or ThE tHiNgS i HaVe ChOsEn NoT 2 dO b CuZ wAt EvA i'Ve DoNe, i MuSt hAvE dOnE sUmThiN riTe B cUz i EnDeD uP wiT u

NeVeR LeT SoMe1 bEcOmE yOuR ..EvErYThinG.. CaUsE WeN tHeiR GoNe U hAvE *NoThiNg*

I don't regret the rain, or the nights I felt the pain, or the tears I had to cry some of those times along the way, every road I had to take, every time my heart would break, it was just something that I had to get through to get me to you.

I've sure enjoyed the rain But I'm looking forward to the sun You have to feel the pain When you loose the love you gave someone I thought by now the time Would take away these lonely tears I hope you're doing fine all alone. But where do I go from here 'cause Without you I'm not okay And without you I've lost my way...

*THeRe WeRe WoRDs BeTWeeN Us WoRDs THaT HuRT iNSiDe* *STiLL THaTs JuST No ReaSoN To SaY ThE WoRD GooDByE* *We CaNT LeT Go oF SuMTHiN BeauTiFuL We CaNT JuST LeT iT DiE* *CaNT u & i JuST TrY To FiND OnE ReaSoN To GiVe uS OnE MoRe TrY*

.:*iM OnLy Me tHaTz aLL i CaN Be, No MoRe, No LeSs, DoNT 2Nd gUeZz, YoU mAy NoT LiKe Me BuT tHaTz oKaY, BuT tHiZ iZ Me aNd HoW i'LL sTaY*:.

It's the heart afraid of breaking that never learns to dance. It's the dream afraid of waking that never takes the chance. It's the mind afraid of losing that never learns to give, and it's the soul afraid of dying that never learns to live...

*I DrEaM oF U & OnLy U* *I DrEaM oF tHiNgZ tHaT WoN*t CoMe tRu* *I DrEaM oF aLL tHa tHiNgZ wE sHaRe* *I DrEaM oF tHa DaY uLL CaRe* *I DrEaM N CrY CuZ iTz NoT rEaL* *I DrEaM CuZ i CaNt dEaL* *:.(`v).:* *:.:.`v.:*

*THANKS* 4 the -FrIeNdShIp-! v^*ThAnKs*^v 4 tHe ((SMILE))!! ThAnKs 4 tHe * LoVe * u >Showed< eVEn tHo iT WaS ONLY 4 a <*>WHILE<*>.. TrUe mY ~HEART~ wAs .:BrOkEn:. & *YES* my ^EYES^ d!d "CRY" BuT tHe *PAIN* iS -ALL OVER- NoW-- cUz I*vE LEARNED 2 SaY--* GOODBYE *

*Why do i always put up with everthing you do, you hurt me so much but yet i still love you, it pisses me off when i think it all through and realize i always fall for you, but i feel your someone special and i just cant stop loving you*

*U* LefT BeHinD A BrOkeN HeArt, And HaPPy MeMorIeS To0, But I NEvEr WaNted MeMorieS, I Only WanTeD *U*

I'm so cOnFuSeD, what should I do? I can't ThInK of AnYtHiNg except yOu. Should I IgNoRe it or should I give it TiMe? I can't tHiNk straight, my HeArT controls my mInD...

fLaTtEr Me AnD i MaY nOt BeLieVe U, CriTiCiZe mE AnD i MaY NoT LikE U iGnOrE mE aNd i MaY nOt FoRgiVe U bUt LoVe mE aNd i WiLL nEvEr FoRgEt u

LuV hApPeNs WhEn YoU sToP l00kInG fOr It...

Sometimes the 2 people who are meant for each other are the last two to realize it