*~*SoMeDaY YoU WiLl Be SoRrY, SoMeDaY WhEn YoU'rE FrEe, MeMoRiEs WiLl ReMiNd YoU, ThAt We WeRe MeAnT To Be*~*

~i dont know why i love you i dont know why i care you're the one who broke my heart you were never there you never stopped to say "i love you" or even kiss me goodnight yet i still love you though you aren't there to hold me tight~

~just think if the world didn't suck we would all fall off~

~if at first you dont succeed, blame someone else and get some counselling~

.*Love Is Like A Cloud.. Love Is Like A Dream.. Love Is One Word N Everything In Between.. Love Is Like A Fairy Tale, a Dream Come True.. Because I Found Love When I Found You!*.

Sex is like air, it's not important unless you aren't getting any

Men get laid, but women get screwed

*I wIsH i HaD sOmEoNe, ThAt WiShEd tHeY HaD mE.

Don't drink and carry firearms. It causes you to shoot at assholes... and miss.

You tried hard, and you failed miserably. The lesson is, never try

Roses are red, violets are blue, Im in love but not with you, when we broke up you thought I cried but alls it was was another guy you told your friends I was a trick I told mine about your small dick I said I loved you But it wasnt true well guess what boy you got played too.

* Ive said wut i needed to say * * Ive done wut i needed to do * * Now whadever happens to us.. * * I guess ill leave it up to yew *

..Dt Wt tl H's G.. ..2 Rlz Hw Much He Mt 2 .. ..Try 2 tic Wht Gt Wh Hv t..

ThE hArDeSt ThInG tO dO iS wAtCh ThE peRsOn U lUv LuV sUmOnE eLeS

sluts are kinda like tupperware, expensive plastic sold at parties

*~If it looks like a duck, smells like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it is not a dog!!~*

*Guys, u cant live with them, but they wont go away!*

NeVeR sAy U hATe HiM iF u CaN't LeT gO oF HiM!

~Don't worry, I won't miss you TOO much.... ~You'll be in my dreams!!!~

GuYz R sOo MiSsLeADiNg... ThEy LEaD u To ThInK tHeY lOvE u.... WhEn ReAlLy>> ThEy DoNt CaRe....

Always wear cute pajamas to bed you'll never know who u will meet in your dreams

I look at you and think to myself, why do i miss you so much when you are standing right next to me?

*~Sooner than u think~* *~I'll be back in a wink!~*

I was afraid to love you forever, but when I did, I lost you forever.

I CaN't HeLp It... GoD MaDe MeEh ThIs SwEeT!

*Im'a Bootay haKin* Heart BreaKin* Pretty Hot* Neva Stop* ShOrT SkirT* mAKe It HuRt* Luv 2 Flirt* Princess BaBy* Spoiled Maybe* SexY TeAse* Made 2 PleaZe* Perfect LiL Princess Jus 4 U!* Im Da TyPe 2 MakE Ya LoooSe Ya MiNd* Go CrAzY and CoMmIt A CrIme!

"Tears are words the heart can't say"

Theres always that guy who you hear everything bad about... but even though you try so hard not to actually fall for them, it always happens