on the other hand, you have different fingers

"Life is a waste of time, time is a waste of life, so get wasted all of the time and have the time of your life."

sex is like a card game... if you dont have a good partner hope you have a good hand

The hardest part of life is not watching someone you love, love somebody else... its watching the person you love give every other girl a chance but you...

*Im a Bootie Shakin*Heart Breakin*Mad Hot*Neva stop* Short Skirt*Luv ta Flirt*Tight Jeans*Curvy Hips* Glossy Lips*High Class* Nice Ass* Bangin Style*Sexy Smile* Lucious Thighs*Kandie Eyez* Temptin Lips*Killa Kiss* Tell me... Can You Handle This?*

Im A Booty Shakin, Heart Breakin, Pretty Hott, Never Stop, Short Skirt, Luv To Flirt, Angel Baby, Spoiled Maybe, Perfect Princess, All For You!

~I'm sweet like candy..hott like fire... i'm the lil cutie...that you desire~

Everyone says you only fall in love once but thats not true, everytime I hear your voice I fall in love all over again

SpEnT mA MoNeY-n-Do Ma HaiR GoT DrEsSeD uP iN dEsiGnEr WeAr LoOk So HoT n SoUnd So SwEeT i`LL mAkE uR HeArT SkIp A BeAt

Frustrated cuz i can't teLL if its ReaL Mad cuz i don't kno how u FeeL Upset cuz we can't make it Rite Sad cuz i need u Day & Nite Angry cuz u won't take my Hand Aggrivated cuz u don't Understand Dissapointed cuz we can't be 2*Gether But StiLL--i'LL <3 U 4*Ever!!

*WHy DiD FaTe LeT uS MeeT iF wE cAn NeveR Be 2*GeTHeR..?!?

*SoMeTiMeS pEoPlE nEeD sEcOnD cHaNcEs BcUz ThEy WeReNt ReAdY fOr The FiRsT oNe*

"Get so fucked up that when you tell your parents you don't remember - you won't have to lie!"

*Lucious Sweet n Tasty* *Naughty as can be* *im the Chick thats marked* *::PARENTAL ADVISORY::*

*~* LiFe Is ShOrT. aNd So Am I *~*

i love rainbows i love rain i love u and ........... um i forgot the rest but i think ur hot

If you be sugar, I'll be spice If you be fire, I'll be ice If your cold, I'll make you hot As long as you give me all you've got

***Sometimes the hardest thing to let go of is the thing you never really had...***

~*~Sweeter than kandy, hotter than fire, im describin the boy i admire~*~

dont lead me on,and leave me confused, any girl would rather be alone than have her heart abused!

**It's so complicated I'm so frustrated, I wanna hold you close,I wanna push you away, I wanna make you go,I wanna make you stay... Should i say it?Should i tell you how i feel? Oh i want you to know,but then again i don't it's so complicated**

~*~The worst thing a guy could do is make a girl fall for him when he doesn't intend to catch her fall~*~

~*Perfect Smile, perfect waist, lips everyone wants to taste, gorgeous hair, gentle eyes, boy I got u hypnotised!

~*I thought u were the one 4 me but u thought different b/c u dumped me..

~*Neva giv up if u still wanna try, neva wipe away ur tears if u still wanna cry, neva say yes if u really mean no, neva say that ur "over him" if u cant let go

~*I'M nOt CrYiN CoS hE dUmPeD Me, iM CrYiN cOs i WaNt hiM BaCk