*U cAn pLay wIt a GuN* *U CaN PlAy wIt a KnIfE* * BUt iF yA pLaY wIt mY bOyFriEnD* *U pLAy wIt uR LiFe*

I'm going crazy, I don’t know what to do... I tried everything and I just cant get over you... After all this I realized it can’t be done... Deep inside my heart, you’re the still the one

You can't see I'm hurting Your too blind to notice my pain, It feels like every one's sittin in sunshine, While I'm drowning in the rain...

Once upon a time you were special, now your just another guy So don't lead me on especially if its a lie Leave me alone, like the way you've always done Because you've hurt me too much to be 'the one'

i LoOk aT aLL tHe PiCtUrEs oF tHe PaSt* tHiNkiN oF hOw ThE yEaRs WeNt bY sOo FaSt ThE dAnCeS-tHe PaRtiEs-ThE PiX-tHe LaFfS* tHe ShOuLdErS 2 CrY oN n CuTe PhOtOgRaPhS tHe PpL i KnO SiNcE WaY bAcK wHeN* ThE nEw KiDs cAmE EvErY nOw N tHeN tHe FrEnDsHiPs U mAkE cOmE n gO* bUt ThEaS aLwAyS tHoSe FeW uLL aLwAyS kNo NoW aS wE gO oUr SePeRaTe WaYs* i KnO iLL aLwAyS rEmEmBeR ThEsE dAyS

i kNeW yOu WeRe SoMeTHiNg sPeCiaL RiTe FroM tHa sTaRt i KnEw iT By tHa WaY yOu SuDDenLy sToLe My HeaRT yOu'LL NeVeR SeE HoW MuCh i LoVe yOu AnD WHuT i SaY iS CoMpLeTeLy TRuE i WaNNa sPeNd FoReVeR AnD a LiFeTiMe WiT yOu

*While you gave her flowers, you gave me thorns. While all she did was smile, all I did was mourn. While she was happy, I felt so blue. BEcause while you loved her, I was loving you...*

"The guys wear the pants in the relationship, but the women control the zipper"

"Don't *Kiss* guys with eyes of ¤brown¤... They *Kiss* u once and let ya down- Don't *Kiss* guys with eyes of ¤green¤, they *Kiss* u once and make u scream- always *Kiss* guys with eyes of ¤blue¤, they *Kiss* u once and fall in <3 Luv <3 with u!"

"the (( oNe & OnLy )) thing i wAnT right now is to FiNd A gUy who * Li K eS * me for me.. a guy who isnt -af ra id- to act like \\ h im s el f // around me & for me to be able to [ a c t ] like MySeLf around him - someone to (( CuDdLe )) with & make me fEeL wAnTeD.. someone to * LoVe * & sOmEoNe to LoVe<3 me.."

"°·.¸.·°·.¸.·ThE hArDeSt pArT aBoUt mOvInG fOrWaRd iS nOt LoOkInG bAcK°·.¸.·°·.¸.·"

i was born when you kissed me, i died when u left me, but i lived for the 2 months.. ...u dated me...

if you love someone that means you have a good heart. If someone loves you thats flattering. If your love someone and they love you back thats special!

Don't cry for what might have been, he said it already, this is the end. There's no going back, he told you he's already found another. Please don't let that tear fall from your eye. No guy is worth your tears and the one that is won't make you cry

^:^WheN it ComEs tO reLatIonShiPs, dOn't Be tHe pErsOn wHo hAs tO loOk bAck And WonDer WhaT thEy cOulD've Had. ForGet AboUt tHe rIsk And TakE thE faLL. if It'S reAllY loVe, iT's wOrtH it All^:^

Right now I'm only a friend, But i feel its time for this to end. I’m falling for u, I don't know what to do. I can’t tell how u feel, But my feelings are 100% real. We’ve known each other for a long, long time, But i think its time u were mine.

I’m scared of falling... because every time i fall there’s no one there to catch me. I’m scared to be with you... because i know on day one of us will leave heartbroken. I’m scared to love... because every time I've loved I've only walked away with pain. ...But i need to get over these fears because I wanna be with you.

People are so in love with being in love that they fool themselves into thinking they really are in love when they really aren't

* Being single is like a VaCuUm cLEaNeR...* *It sUcKs when you're turned on*

SoMe SaY i ShOuLd GeT oVeR yOo SoMeTiMeS i ThInK i ShOuLd ToO bUt ThE oThErS sAy We WeRe MeNt 2 Be I GuEsS wE'LL hAvE tO wAiT & sEe

I LuFf yOu nOt cUz uR peRfEcT... i LuFF YoU cUz uR pErFeCt fOr mE...