*how to use my aim icons*

1. if u are taking them from my site u must right click and 'save as'.

2. if i sent the icon to you thru email then just download it.
3. go into aim and at the top click on 'my aim' and choose 'edit options'(im not sure about aol because i do not have that),then choose 'edit preferences'
4.under 'edit preferences' go to 'buddy icons' which is on the left side of your screen
5.once you get to the 'buddy icons' section click 'browse' and find the icon on ur computer.
6. Once u find it click 'select'
7. then you should see it on ur screen under 'your icon to send to buddies' If it is there then u are finished. just click 'ok' on the right side of your screen.