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Depot Bay 10/2002

These pictures are mostly when we went down to the beach and hung out the day we were going to leave. I think it would be really cool to get a buch of people together and go down there for a couple of days.

The Decent

This picture shows how we got down to the secluded beach. The white building up on the hill is the hotel Adam's cousin takes care of. Heh, the last steps or so had given way because the wood had gone bad. The ladder was the only way down...unless you jumped.

Did someone say nude beach?

This is kinda what the beach looks like from the other side.

And no one ran around nude, thank the doughnut man!

That's me!

Here I am waiting my turn to go down the ladder. The picture is really dark, and I tried fixing it but didn't want to spend that much time on it. If you can't see me, then too bad!

Just kiddin'! :P