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We are Greg and Mary Beth Smith
from Port St. John, Florida

Our passions are Flying, Motorcycles and Cats. This is our freedom machine - a 1967 Cessna 172 Skyhawk. It is Greg's second one and Mary's third. These are great little planes for traveling. We are currently based at Arthur Dunn Airport in Titusville, Florida and so far , we have taken trips to Marathon, Cedar Key, Brooksville, River Ranch, Vero Beach, Fort Pierce, Melbourne and we plan many others. We are both retired from the Space Shuttle program and plan on quite a few flying vacations.

A few years ago Greg built a little kitplane called an Airbike

Airbike Page

We are currently building a Zenith CH-801


Here are a few pictures taken from the life of N2521L

N2521L Page

Greg participates in the EAA's Young Eagles program

Young Eagles Page

We also are motorcycle enthusiasts

Motorcycle Page

Our Cats

Fabulous Cats

Stuff that doesn't fit any of the other Pages

Other Stuff

Mary has a passion for writing and is fascinated by history and historical figures. She has written a biography on Theodore Roosevelt
Theodore Roosevelt

EAA Chapter 724 - Merritt Island, Florida

EAA Chapter 866 - Titusville, Florida

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