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Name: Edna S. Martinez
HS Alumni: AOLG '02
Age: 19
Nationality: Philipina
Likes: Anime, Hanging out w/frens, art, & having fun.
Status:Long-Term Relationship
College: University Of Guam
Major of Study: Elem. Education

Latest News:
Sorry I have not updated this site in the longest time. Edna's working @ Macy's
and I am working @ PIC so free time is not something we have alot of.
UOG's Fall semester is starting in a couple days and CNE is trying
to do everything to prepare. well thats all 4 now. Check back again soon. (08/03)


Well,first of all THANKS TO Chris!!! Gotta luv u for everything
u do and for the time and effort u put into this site that includes
me in it...143. To my wonderful friends-whassssssup!! Chris
worked on it and I am merely included so yah, and ooohs and
aaaaahs go to him and his handy work as a computer expert.
To Tricia and Guada, u guys suck, just joking and to everyone
else: Erikaka, Sheilala, Abby, Cindy and D, Hazel, Gina, Jenny,
Joy, Joyce, Theresa, Hazel, Jackie, Sheila & Ted, Flo, Kyoko,
Satokoko, and to my conformation 2002 crew, to all family
members and etc...list goes on u guys... I know, but hey, Umm..
sign the guest book, pretty pleeeeeease!?!?!
(Smiles...) Thanks u guys....


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Future Updates
*More Pics
*Frames Version
*Online Diary
*More to Come....
So Check Back
Once In A While

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