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Scott's Lair

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You Tube

Version of Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep
1993 Top 100 countdown clip
Never Met A Man Named McDonald
Hey, Work Him Over
A long-ago phone call in the night (well maybe not night)
Scott & Blaine on Walkie-Talkies c. Oct. 1969.
Jokes (with Scott & Hiroo) (1970)
Sounds of the Beach area from a pocket recorder.
Prime Bandstand from Sept. 12, 2003 (I Want Candy clip)
Talking on the Walkie-Talkie with a "CBer"
An old interesting Ham Radio discussion with a Morse Code test.


Top 40 Videos for week starting Friday July 12, 2019

1 1 SIT! Scott 1 10
3 2 Tired, Helpless, Useless, Goofy Out-of-it Me, Wasted Write-off I Am, Punched Out, Thrown into Chair, then Passing Out Scott 2 9
5 3 Under the Spell Again: Stunned, Goofy, Ugly while Frozen, otherwise a Messy, Nerdy Sleepy-head! Scott 3 8
4 4 Me the Ugly, Messy-Haired Nerd Again! (Are Ya Bored Out of Your Skull Yet??) Scott 4 9
2 5 This is All I'm Qualified to Do: Just Sit Here Like a Lump, So Tired, and Look Ugly (and BE Ugly!!) ... Some More Random Stuff Scott 1 13
8 6 Loser Nerd Fashion Model Modelling my Summer Ware, then Going Silly Skipping Around in it (with Added Bonus of Sexy Lap Shots of my T-Shirt and Shorts!) Scott 6 7
9 7 Kawhi Leonard Sinks Epic Buzzer Beater for Raptors to Win Game 7 7 9
13 8 Little Girl Does a Hilarious Dance During Graduation Ceremony Performance 8 8
14 9 Here's Hideously Ugly in Green Again, Sofa-bound, Out of It, Falling into Deep Sleep (a 2-pronged Attack!) Scott 9 7
6 10 Am I the Best-Dressed Dancer?? ...I'm One Who Needs a Shower, It's Knocking Me Out!! Scott 2 12
7 11 Certainly NO Priceless, Stunning, Attractive, Gorgeous Model Photoshots! Scott 4 12
19 12 Poor Girl in White Gown Lying on Ground being Taunted and Tormented by Dressed-up Nerdy Cheapskate (who Gets It in the End!!) Scott 12 4
17 13 Come Dance with Me, as Lousy as I Am (with Me Going Really Bouncy!) ...Not the Handsomest Guy in the World but Maybe the Most Hideous One! Scott 13 6
10 14 My Hideous Ugliness, the Next Chapter!! Scott 5 10
12 15 Flopped Out, Sitting Around in My Old 'Bowmanville Beach' T-Shirt (and Adidas Jacket) Scott 7 10
11 16 Final Cut of 'Sid Smith Arena Day' Blaine Smith, Pete Conacher, Al Shaw, Ivan Irwin 1 13
23 17 The Toronto Raptors Are the 2019 NBA Champions!! NBA, ESPN 17 4
20 18 The Nerd is Back!! (as Ugly as Ever with Crooked Mouth and Crooked and Buttoned-Up Collar) Scott 18 5
21 19 Ooooh, I'm Sick!! (What a Cold!!) Scott 19 6
24 20 Videos Show Children Attacking and Beating Woman in Saskatchewan 20 6
15 21 Dazed, Confused, Stunned, Tranced, and Out of It Typical Little Me in Various Wardrobes! Scott 1 19
16 22 Hideously Ugly Devil Up to His Old Tricks Again, Mesmerizing and Hypnotizing Helpless Victims Scott 1 20
18 23 Ugly Me Making My Faces Like Always, Just One of My Pastimes! Scott 1 20
28 24 Moi the Goofy, Nerdy, Lame, and Homely, Unattractive Dancer Again ...and When Not Dancing, Lazy, Slumped in Sofa Scott 24 3
22 25 'Chair Girl' in Another Shocking Embarrasing Highlight Reel of her Life Marcella Zoia 9 11
34 26 Boy Do I Stink Now!! Am I Ever High in THAT Particular Way! (No One Would Want Me Anywhere Near Them!!) Scott 26 3
25 27 My Best Dressed Appearances Lately (You Don't Wanna Remember my Worst Dressed Ones!!) Scott 6 16
26 28 Little Me Lying Nice 'n Comfy 'n Cozy Wrapped in Blanket Wearing My Clothes Underneath Again Scott 3 18
35 29 The Golden Slob Again, Just Generally Wandering and Fooling Around in his Gold Outfit Scott 29 2
27 30 All But Confirms Lower Part of Me is Much Better than the Upper Part (Cool Socks Though) Scott 5 16
29 31 Hypnotizing My Cousins Kalynn Rotge 2 18
30 32 I'm the Only One in the Room so I Can Say Out Loud How Ugly I Am Etc. Etc. (Now If Only Someone Else Wasn't Always Making Me Go Goofy and Babbly!) Scott 3 18
39 33 This is Me, the Girly Goofy Slob in Black and White Again ...I Need to Learn to Dress Up Scott 33 2
- 34 What a Skinny Body!! (Beautiful Socks Though) Scott 34 1
31 35 All the Doggies and Pussy Cats Together with some Awesome Close-ups Hunter, Halley, Layla, and Roxy 9 15
32 36 3 Magic Tricks For Beginners Billy Bobs 12 13
33 37 Effeminate Dateless Loser Stunned in Deep Shock, then being made to Do Silly Things like Dancing and Jumping Scott 3 19
36 38 Devoted to my Stocking Feet (Nice Sexy, Cool, Stunning Socks!) Scott 9 15
38 39 Standing Stunned, Frozen, Paralyzed in Shock, then Bound and Gagged Helpless in Chair as Usual (and a Weakling as Usual!) Scott 1 36
- 40 Hideously Ugly Loser Who Thinks He Looks Stunning in his Striped T-Shirt and Gold Shorts Outfit Scott 40 1



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