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Links I Like

My Favorite Music Sites

Good Charlotte's Official Site

The official site of Good Charlotte

GC Fan Site

A great Good Charlotte fan site, although I'm not 100% sure of what it's called

MxPx Official Site

The official site of MxPx

Linkin Park's Official Site

The official site of Linkin Park

BMG music

Great deals on music, althought they don't have a huge selection

MTV's Official Site

Yes, I know that MTV is a sell-out channel, but I get practically no radio and I have basic cable, so I watch it anyway.

My Favorite Shopping Sites

Hot Topic

Shop Hot Topic at home


It's e-bay... what more can I say?

A great e-bay site without the bidding wars... although those can be really fun!

My Favorite Bored Sites


Lots of fun quizzes!


You can create funky little pets and play games and stuff here. It's fun!

Yahoo! Chat

Make new friends! But be safe and don't give out personal information!

Make Your Own Sweetie

How cool is this? You get to make your own boyfriend/girlfriend!

Cartoon Dollz

You can make little cartoon dolls and put them on your site or whatever. :)

My Favorite Misc. Sites

Um... it's!

Luann's Room

The coolest comic in the paper!

The Hunger Site

A good cause. :)