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Ok..I change this into a FAQ place.Before you email me please look here!I do this cause i get ALOT of emails that people who visit my site and play Neopets keep emailing me asking the same questions!if you're question is NOT answer then click the link below to ask it!

Who host my site?
What happen to your old guild?
Can I become your neofriend on Neopets?
Can I talk to you using messengers or add you on my buddy list?
How old are you?
How did you get your Staff Team?
Can I join your Staff Team?
How did you get the CCS eipsodes guide?
How did you learn to make websites?
Can I use your Dollzmaker to make dolls?
Can I put your dollmaker on my website?
Where did you get your dollmaker?
Can I use your dolls?
Am I allow to post your dolls on my website for other people to use?
Can I use you graphics on your graphics page?
I could use the userlookups only for what?
Who created the userlookups?
Can I put your blogs on my website for other to use?
Who created the blogs?
Where did I get my email system?
Where can I contact you?
What happens to the wallpapers and layouts?
Who created the website's layout?
Can I put your button up on my website before I got an reply from you as an affiliate or not?
Can I put your midis on my website as for other to use?
Where did I get the musics on you midis page from?And the background musics?
Can I add your site to mine as a favorite link not affiliate?

Who host my site:I dont use a specific hosting site!But I'm actually using geocities,angelfire,bravenet,tripod,boomspeed,and brinkster and other free site that let me hosts for free!(X_x)
What happen to my old guild:Well..i delte it eventually!Why?Cause I cant handle alot of things at the same time..I have to run my CCS fan site and run my guild AND run my Staff Team's website at the same time!Running a fan site or guild isnt alot of work but a Staff team's website is ALOT of pressure!I got over 305 pages on my staff team's website to update everyday!And on this fan site i only have a few..on my guild I have to give away prizes and update contest!To tell the truth I would rather BE a member than own a guild..<
Can you be my neofriend on Neopets:Sure!I'll love too..cause it doesnt matter..I would really love to become your neofriend on Neopets!(*_^)
Can you add me to your buddy list or talk to me using messengers:Definitely!!!!!I'm not against that but PLEASE dont use those messengers to bothers me!Cause I'm different on messengers than I am when I'm updating!I promise you if you bother me using email or messengers I will BLOW!And I aint nice..
How old am I:I am currently 12 this year!I'll be 13 next and 14 the next year and 15 the next and 16 the next!I'll grow eventually and stop updating this site!Hope I'll have time when I'm in High School or College to update!HeeHee..I might not even have time when i'm in 7th grade!Anyway I'm over-reacting!
Where did I get my Staff Team:Well my Staff Team members are usually other people on the net who wants to help out..But we suddenly became close together and have ALOT of fun!Some of them are my friends and some are my old guild members!(Not ~*Cardcaptors 4 Life*~ guild members but ^^Eternal Friendship and Love^^ members!)So they're mostly people I know who's good with html!
Can you join my staff team:Um..I'm sorry but my Staff Team is full of members!The place is pact and I dont think I have enough space for anymore!I would have LOVE to have you but I cant..sorry!Maybe you should have join when the form was still up..
How/where did I get my CCS episode guide:I got it from watching the episodes.My staff team members didnt help me on that cause I tape every episode that came on and every episodes that I watch when they still have it!And my friend from Tokyo send me CCS episode(not the script) to me through my computer passport and I watch it..BUT then I have to translate them from Japanese to English!Hard work I know..
How did I learn to make website:I just do eventually!I guess I'm a website-maker-material!HeeHee..I didnt start out with Sitebuilders or Pagebuilders but started out with HTML editor and I create my own layout!So I learn all by myself..And I start getting the hang of it!
Can you use the dollmaker to make dollz:SURE!!!That's why it's up there!BUT DONT TAKE ANYTHING!!!!!I put the dollmaker up there for YOU to create your own doll and get creative!Everybody needs art!
Can you use my dollmaker on your site:NO!As I say for the rules!NO!!!!I created that for my site's use only..If you want to use it on your site then please EMAIL me and ask for my permission!I'll sue you if you steal it!
Where did I got my Dollzmaker:I created it!Even the image?YES!I created everything for the dollmaker!!HOW?Now that's my secret!!Why am I telling you the secret!
Can you use my dolls:SURE!You can use it on your site!Neopets!Anywhere just dont take off my link!
Are you allow to put my dolls on your site for other people use:NO!You are not allow to do that!I dont allow you do that cause some of the dolls are from Dollz Castle who ONLY granted me permission to use not you!!!!!So I'll sue you if I see you doing that!
Can you use my graphics on my graphic page:Yes!They are created for you to use!Of course you could!I dont create them for me..If i create them for me I would have make those code!And I surely didnt put it up for display!
You could use my userlookups for what:You are ONLY allow to use my userlookups for your userlookup on Neopets!Or you could use it as a background but nothing else!!You hear me!Those are originally created FROM ME!*moi*
Who create the userlookups:Umm..hello?Who else!I wouldnt steal it from anyone!I created those userlookups!I know,I know..I'm so smart!(~_^)Just kidding!
Can you put my blogs on your website for other to use:Um..Hello???What do you thinkl!NO OF COURSE!I'm not stupid to let ypou do that!Sorry but rules are rules!You could only use it for your shop or guild on Neopets or an update textbox on your website!Nothing else!!!!!!
Who create the blog:Well most of them are create by me and some are by Hikaru(she's the vice-president of my staff team/website)!And some are created by some members of my Staff Team!So they are originally belong to us!And created from my website!You take them as your personal use for other people to use you broke the rule you pay the fee!And I'll charge you ALOT!
Where did I get my email system:I got my email system from ZZN!You could sign up for one too!It's absolutely free though!
Where can you contact know where to contact me read my profile on the navigation cause I'm too lazy to type it down..HeeHee..
What happens to my wallpapers and layout:Well..I took it off my graphic page!Sorry to disappoint you but it was just taking too many space in my editor and I'm running out of space!I have to delete it..and you could find those in some other site!
Who created the website's layout?:I did!I created the layout with a DIV layer layout!With only one side navigation.So dont take it or I'll sue you cause It's my work!I'm now use to creating DIV layouts so I created my own layout for my website and delete the old one.
Can you put my button up before i accept you as an affiliate:I suggest you read my affiliation rules before applying!BUT the answer to that is NOOOOOOO!!!!I havent given you permission to do that!Before I did but people just put it up all they want before they apply and when I didnt accept they just leave the button up!I havent accept you as an affiliate then DONT even DARE to put up my button!!Dont even try!
Can you put up my midis on your website for other to use:NO!Those are for my site only!You could use it but not take it!!!
Where did I get the midis and the background music:I create the midis myself!And the background music are upload from my CD to my editor!So they all come from me!Including my MP3 music from Trish!SO DONT DARE TO TAKE THEM OR BE SUE!!!!!
Can you add my site to your website as a favorite link:Yes you may BUT there's an acception!!YOU MUST SEPERATE MY LINK FROM YOUR AFFILATES LINK!!!!I dont want it to be on the same page!There's nthing different about that if you put my link on your affiliate page!That's like saying my site are affiliate to yours!No you can but put it separately!!!

If your question are not answer then click here to email me your question and i'll reply you back!