>>>>>>>Ok...Brittany..Here's a layout especially creadte by me to you!Hope you like it!And dont forget to delete my text and put your own!Anyway I got directions to use this below!If you got any question then email me and ask away!


1)You MUST copy the code FULLY and then put them to your edit page!(like your index,links..;etc)
2)Delete the texts I've written and write your own!BUT DO NOT delete any part that's a code!You can start deleting from where the arrows start and ends!
3)Be careful not to delete anypart of the code ok!
4)For the navigations put your links!(like Neopets,Healing Springs;etc)
5)ONLY delete those that say this >> # << and "LINK"!Erase the # and put the link and erase the "LINK" and put any name you want!
6)It's very easy to use!<<<<<<<<<<
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