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My Home Page, Hope you Like.

Hi, Its me, Here is my web site, first time trying this. I kinda liked the animations so I stuck a few on here. There are lots of pictures on here so be patient. The pictures towards the bottom are my most recent.

Here is me and the family enjoying the sun and the water. We love to boat and jet ski. As you can tell we act a little crazy sometimes.

Here is me when I use to compete in bodybuilding competions. I still workout a lot but do not compete any more.

Here is one of me in clothes. Oh and yes I have a suit on. The picture to the left is when I was in my best friends wedding. Suits don't fit me well so I try not to wear them any more than I have to.

This is me standing beside the Yukon I use to have. I loved that Yukon. Too bad it was wrecked the second week I had it. My brother accidentally ran into a post with it. He felt so bad about it. We were camping at the time and he needed to move my truck so he backed it up and "crunch". OOPS!!!! He felt so bad he had to come find me and tell me what he did. Rememeber that Brian? HA!!

Here is what my front door looks like. As you can see my house is fairly new. I had it built .

OH YES!!! This is the fun part about being outdoors. As you can see I love to go boating and jet sking.

Here is my most recent picture. This is me trying to be cool working on my projects at home. The glasses actually have a glare on them, they are the hollywood yellow tint. I have a goatee now, can you see it?

Ok, this is my moms favorite picture of me so I had to put in on the web. I did this for her so I hope that makes her happy :) As you can see I just got done yawning when they took the picture.

Here is my son at 9 months. Isn't he the cutest thing you ever saw. :) I am a proud daddy. He is the light of my life right now.

Here he is again when I had him. He loves to laugh and here he is again laughing.

Here he is once again when I had him. He is such a cutie !!!

Here he is once again when I had him .

Here's my boy . I love that little guy.

Here is my son at his 1 year old birthday.

Isn't he cute......

The girls will go crazy over this guy when he gets older......

My brother and I at the beach. As you can see we are kids are heart with the squirt guns.

Me and Jett . Jett is obviously about to take a nap.

Me and my brother. I am about to light his hand on fire :)

Me on the beach .

Jett is riding his little car that mom got him.

Jett being his cute little self as always.

Isnt he cute.

Summer. Obviously I am in the blue.

Summer time. Obviously I am in the blue.

Summer time. Obviously I am in the blue.

Summer time. I am in the back of course

2006. Cute picture of Jett

Made me laugh :)

Jett and I

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Have a nice day!!!

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