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Sailor Moon

This is a very cute series; one of my Bishoujo favorites. It tells about a story of 5 girls who find themselves to be the Sailor Scouts that would protect the Earth from the evil invadors beyond the galaxies. Since the series is so long (5 seasons), I'm only going to give brief details about it and my opinions; yes -I did see this anime, that's why I'm writing it, but I'm just lazy, you know?

Anyways, the series first starts off by Luna, the talking cat, coming to a clumsy girl named Tsukino Usagi. Luna said that she was Sailor Moon, and she was to fight against evil and find out where the Moon Princess was. After that,the Inner Scouts start showing up, including Tuxedo Kamen, who is confused and lost of who he is that at first the Scouts didn't even know if he was foe or ally.

Well, after that the rest takes place. In the SM R, they regain back their memory again since evil was always coming-Usagi wished at the end of episode 46 to be a normal girl again. The bad guys here are the Dark Kingdom Chibi Usa comes in the picture; she was sent by Queen Serenity and King Endyimon. At the end, we see Sailor Pluto, who keeps time and lives by herself. She becomes Dark Lady near the end of the series but is saved by Usagi's love.

In the Sailor Moon S, two new Senshis are introduced, Sailor Uranus(Haruka) and Sailor Neptune (Michiru). They are very cool senshis; they're a little bit more powerful than the inner senshis, but they are allies to them. The Death Busters are the bad guys in this season, and their mission is to obtain the three talismans, the same goal as Haruka and Michiru. They also have the child Hotaru that Misstress Nine is possessing. But at the end, another victorious ending takes place, while Sailor Moon turns into Super Sailor Moon.

Sailor Moon Super S begins when Usagi notices that a strange tent floats down to Tokyo; she ignores it when she realized she was the only one who saw it. The tent was the hiding place for the Dead Moon Circus headed by Queen Nehelenia who was pursuing The Golden Mirror that Pegasus/Helios had; the criminals sorta change in this one. The first three were the Amazon Trio- they only wanted to become humans so they got their wish when they helped Sailor Moon. The next half of criminals were the Amazoness Quartet. They eventually help Usagi and them also. At the end, Helios goes back to where he belongs (too bad Chibi-Usa developed a crush on him) and Sailor Moon saves the day and becomes (drum roll please) another super form of herself-also Chibi-Usa.

Sailor Stars is my favorite season of them all. There are two parts to Sailor Stars-the first is the complete ending of the Sailor Super S and the other one deals with the Starlights. Of course, we all know Usagi manages to help Nehelenia and she starts over again as we see her becomign young again. Then the Starlights come in. They came from another galaxy after their planet was destroyed by Sailor Galaxia (with Chaos inside of her) to look for their princess. They disguise themselves as male-idols (how can girls do that?) and sing to reach to their princess. Of course, not to get into detail, Sailor Moon helps Galaxia get rid of Chaos and saves the world. The Starlights go back with their princess to start over again. The very last thing we see before the series finally end is Mamoru and Usagi kiss while the Moon shines behind them.

As I said, that series is long-it took a while to type that whole thing! Well, I recommend this anime, and hey, my guy friend thought it was fruity, but I guess it depends on what kind of anime you like.