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Record of the Lodoss Wars TV's a continuing of the OAV series...I don't know why some people don't like it, but maybe they're paying more attention to the art instead of the anime...I mean, come on, when my sister saw like a volume of it, she started laughing because of the anime, but as the story went on (and i told her it was just the art) she started liking it...hehehe

Basically, 5 years after the OAV takes place, the Black Knight Ashram of Marmo once again wanted to take over Lodoss, so he decides to try getting the Sceptor of Domination. Of course when this happens, the original 6 band of heroes has to go and stop the guy (again!)

Anways, this is where the new characters kick in. Spark, a young knight in training; Little Neese, daugther or Slayn and Leila; Leaf, the half elf-half human; Cecil, a sorcerrer, Garak, Greevas, an elf; and others.

Also, the evil wizard Wagnard wants to gain some power, and he thinks of "his oh-so-brilliant" idea by thinking of releasing Kardis' dark soul so he can be her number one servant and give him power (what a retard). In order to do so, he needs a sacrifice...and who could be better than the daugther of the cursed Leila, also the holder of the Priestess of Kardis.

Anyways, armies rage and things happen, such as Deedlit befriended Leaf, who was taunted for being a mixture of human and elf. And so those rages result in Little Neese getting captured...while the Priestess and Kardis try to take over her body.'s the romantic the series went by, Spark and Neese fell inlove...(giggle) as Neese's soul was drowning, he kept on telling her to not give up...of course, Neese's soul hears this and manages to trap Kardis and her priestess by giving in to their woes..and while they were trying to consume all her body, Neese used ehr strength to sumone Marfa and ..VOILA...she was freed.

Yo, man, that's why I want to get the whole freaking series!! I am so inlove with "Kiseki No Umi"..the opening theme of the's just so touching...if you ask me, I think it's so great...!!! If you do plan to watch it, pay attention to the story, not the drawings!!