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Mononoke Hime

I really liked Please Save My Earth, though some people find it confusing. Hehe. Well, I've only seen the movie so far-hopefully I'll see the OAVs also.

The story is about the seven scientist that was researching in the moon being reincarnated on Earth. The seven were Mokulen (Alice), Shion (7 year old Rin), Shuudaiko (Haruhiko), Gyuokulan (Jinpachi), Enju (Issei), Hiragi (Daisuke), and Shusulan (Sakura). The scientist on the moon before were stranded when the mother planet that sent them on the moon was destroyed; suddenly a disease spread among them, killing them one by one. Shuukaido gave Shion the only medicine that let him live longer, not Mokulen, so Shion wouldn't have Mokulen-Mokulen was loved by Shion, Shuukaido, and Jinpachi, but she only loved Shion. Poor Enju...Jipanchi and her loved each other until he saw Mokulen; ever since that time, he ignored Enju. That's why Enju reincarnated as a man, but those feelings seemed not go away.

Shusulan always admired her best friend Enju's hair, so that's why her hair was much like Enju's. She always cared for Enju, and she was sad to die before Enju because she would leave Enju alone. She was harsh about Jipanchi hurting Enju-she was like an older sister to her.

Rin and Haru, when they got reincarnated, exchanged features, so it seems like Rin was Shuukaido and Haru was Shion. The only reason Rin was nine years younger than all of them was that he lived extra nine yers because of the drug.

If you want to watch this series, go ahead; it's not bad. I found it interesting to watch. I recommend it, but some of you might not like it if you have never seen it before.