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If you want a cutsie-type of anime, check this one out, yo.

Ash/Satoshi wants to be the best Pokemon trainer in the world, so he and his friends-Misty/Kasumi and Brock/Takeshi (plus Pikachu) travels to collect Pokeballs and battles with other Pokemon trainers to gain one more each time he does so. I think Brock/Takeshi takes leave for a little bit, which explains why you see Tracey/Kenji for a while...he's also shown in the Pokemon 2nd movie instead of Brock/Takeshi. There are new characters you meet as you go watch more, which makes the anime more fun to watch!

The kids have a constant problem as they go on, Team Rocket-James/Kojiru and Jesse/Musashi with their pet companion Meowth/Nyarth as Team Rocket tries to steal their (also other people's) Pokeballs so they could gain the approval of their master. But, of course, they always lose, always exclaimign those words, "We're blasting off again! (In Japanese- Yana Kanji-whick literally means "This feels bad!") At one point, their boss tried to replace them with another team-Butch/Kosaburo and Cassidy/Yamato. it was a funny episode when they first showed up.

Pokemon also has three other movies: Pokemon 1st movie was okay-I thought it was sorta fruity. The 2nd movie was, by far, excellent. I liked the music in there. The 3rd one I haven't seen yet-so expect an update someday.

This anime is actually pretty funny (though I would think that the Japanese version is funnier), so hey, for those of you that aren't me, watch all the episodes (I skip around episodes when I don't love-love the episode). But one thing I really love is that catchy phrase, "Gotta catch them all!" (Jap.-Pokemon, getto daze!")