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Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind

Well, who would have guessed that another one of Hayao Miyazaki's anime-movies would be reviewed? As you can tell, his stories always amaze me. Even though this anime was made somewhere in the 1980s, it still strikes those who watch it for the first time and for those who've watched it before. It's the story, the plot, the characters..they seem to glue you in the story, ne?

It first starts of with Yupa being chased by a giant Ohmu. Nausicaa- the princess of the Valley of the Wind- seems this and distracts it and tells it to go back to the jungle. After the Omnu retreats, Yupa and Nausicaa reunite, with Nausicaa excited to see him again. With him was a flying squirrel, whom Nausicaa asked could keep. She named him

As Yupa dines with Nausicaa and her father King Jiru and her grandmother, she learns of the legend of the saviour in blue on a golden pasture-that person would bring peace to all. I'm not goign to tell the whole story, but I'll just kinda give you a fast summary of what happens next. After killing the beloved King Jiru, the Tolumekians come and take over the precious valley to fight against the Fukai-but we all know that the Tolumekian Fourth Imperial princess had other plans. Too bad they came, because we later discover that Nausicaa was trying to research a bunch of Fukai to find a cure for her father and those that are dyign from it. Later, Nausicaa meets Prince Asbel of Pejite, and they go help each other out from then on.

Of course near the end of the story, you see a herd of Ohmu attack toward the fire demons the Tolumekians revived. But they hadn't really given the demon a chance to fully regenerate, so he broke down. Nausicaa tries to stop the herd, but is killed to calm them down. As everyone cries, we see the Ohmus lifting her up with their tenacles, giving life to her once more The Ohmus' tenacles together are like gold. The grandmother asks he children who are with her what they see. They tell her that Nausicaa, dressed in blue now, was walking among what seems like a golden field. The grandmother cries and realizes that the legendary hero was Nausicaa.

At the end, everyone goes home except the people of Pejite. Since their kingdom was destroyed, they joined the people of the Valley of the Wind, where they worked together to rebuild the homes that were destroyed.

This anime is very good-half of the story was even explained, and look how long this review is! I really would like you to see this one if you haven't seen this at all! It's one of Hayao Miyazaki's masterpiece! Home