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Rurouni Kenshin

The series start of by Kaoru meeting Kenshin..she was trying to find the fake Battousai and ends up meeting the real one...Himura Kenshin..and when she finds out, he does this sexy bond-like thing...he introduces himself as "Himura..Himura Kenshin.." The other characters you meet are Yahkio, Sanosuke, megumi, Aoshi, Misao, Hiko..etc...I forgot the rest...

Anyways, Kenshin is about a wandering samurai until he goes to Tokyo and meets Kaoru, who offers him a place to stay at her Kamiya Dojo..she had to run it all by herself because her parents died when she was still a teen.

The story takes place in the Meji Era, where the Emperor Meji (duh) was ruling. He was a former assassin..after the revolution, he vowed never to kill again so he replaced his lethal sword with a reversed-blade sword. But though he's good at hiding behind those fearful feelings while he's in the Kamiya Dojo with Kaoru and the Gumi, he can revert to Battousai when one of his loved ones (esp. Kaoru!~) is in danger...!!

I can't tell you what the whole story is about since some of you haven't watched it yet. Just to let you know before I end, him and Kaoru fall inlove..(giggle)...!! Too bad they added those dumb filler episodes...where they should've admitted their feelings for each other earlier...but of course they ahd to do it in the last episode..the 95th episode...! Oh..and reminder..Japanese people didn't mind age that much back then when it came between the relationship between a woman and a man...speaking that Kenshin is 28 and Kaoru is 17 in the beginning of the series and 18 at the end.