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Mononoke Hime

I really love Hayao Miyazaki's works. One of my top favorites, though, is this one. It deals with nature, love, human life-it gives you the background of each individual and what they think is right.

You first get introduced to Ashitaka-he is considered a prince since he is the descendant of the Royal Bloodline of his people, the Emsihi people. He is forced to leave his people when he is given a curse by an enraged boar god. Eventually he finds himself within the battle between the humans and nature.

Ashitaka meets Lady Eboshi as he rescues two of her men. She is the leader of the Iron mines, and she wants to get rid of the gods of the forest so she can provide rich land for the people. Her bullets were also the cause for the boar god to become a demon full of rage and hatred.

Eboshi's arch enemy is San. Though she is human, she was raised by the wolf god, Moro-which makes her hate all humans. But when she met Ashitaka, their bond became close and makes her waver between the forest gods and humans. At the end, both her and Ashitaka exchanged feeling of friendship and love-Ashitaka is the first human she cares for.

With beautiful music and a well-written storyline, who could not watch such an amazing film? I really think that if you haven't seen this, you should get it. Though I prefer the Jap. dialouge/English subs better, the Englsih dubbed one from Miramax is tolerable.