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Fushigi Yuugi

This anime is a story of how two young girls Miaka Yuuki and Yui Hongo get accidentally ends up in a story that they were reading just as they were going to take a juken exam.

Anyways, after that Miaka and Yui meet Tamahome but the two girls get seperated after that. Thinking Tamahome kidnapped Yui, she chases after Tamahome, but when she realizes she wasn't with him, she asks him to help her, and he agrees. They end up being arrested.

Anyways, the emperor of Konan Hotohori finds out that she is from another world and asks her to be Suzaku no Miko (priestess if suzaku). He tells her that if she could get 7 seishis (chosen protectors by Suzaku) that she could get 3 wishes from the god.

Unfortunately, the enemy country's emperor Kutou finds Yui and asks her to be Seiryuu no Miko and then becomes Miaka's enemy. Of course, the two ahte each other for a long time because of jealousy (they're fighting for Tamahome) and miscommunications.

Anyways, one cool thing I find in this anime was the love between Tamahome and Miaka. Though their love was always put to the test, their love always seemed to find its ways.

This anime is really good, according to a friend of mine..I was going to ask to borrow her series, but I keep on forgetting!