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Vision of Escaflowne
It all starts when a young man from another planet suddenluy transports to Earth through a blue light caused by, later as we find out, the pendant Hitomi is given by her grandmother. After the boy, Future king of Fanelia, slays a dragon, both him and Hitomi gets transported back to his world, Gaea.

There Hitomi meets up with several characters, including the "so-called" handsome knight (haha..ver funny) Allen Shcezar, whom Hitomi lusts over since he looked so much like Captain Amano back on Earth.

Of course, we learn that there's a war going on, starting from Fanelia's destruction to Van wanting to kill the Zaibach's leader, Folken, who was supposed to be the king but ran away long ago when he failed to saly a dragon. Anyways, we learn that Gaea is actually created by the Draconians (did I mention that Van was half Draconian?), who lived long ago in the very edge of the Earth and got destroyed from their over-confidence. They built Gaea so that there would be a world where there would be everlasting peace and that their mistakes won't happen again. Unfortunately, it was disrupted by Hitomi's arrival since her feelings were confused and she didn't know what she wanted. When finally she admits her feelings for Van, not that "so-called" pimp Allen, Dorkink's machine is broken and Van and Hitomi embrace. Though she ahd to leave, they promised each other they would always think of each other.

The Movie

This section I'm gonna be telling a little view of how the Movie was, comparing it to the series.

First it shows Hitomi thinking like "oh...i'm nothing in this world...wish i could disappear!" and then Folken gets her to come to Gaea.

In the movie, she is the Godess of Wings, and is foretold that the Godess would save GAea. She came to Gaea through Escaflowne, popping out of his mouthm confronting Van. She then is taken to Allen's flying ship, with Princess Millerna by his side. I guess she was his sidekick. Anyways, she has to choose between disappearing or not...but is drawn to Van as the movie progresses. They both love each other...Van promises to be by her side until she leaves. The ending was sort of like a *blah* because it just shows her dissappearing....

My opinion about was it was a good movie-it just didn't have much magnifigence like it did in the series. Now it's my turn to say the differences between the two. First, don't you notice they drew Hitomi with more cleavedge? that what the animators all cared about. And Van looks more of a killer than a serious type of guy...but i guess he looks a little humane at the end...the reason I guess that he looks like a killer is that he has a metal thing on his arm. Also..they make cute little Merle look more mature and have cleavedge...(sigh...why can't they stop?)