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Card Captor Sakura

This is a very cute anime-even my friend who hates Bishoujo series liked this one! First of all, this series starts out with Sakura Kinomoto opening a mysterious book, which releases the Clow cards and also awakens the guardian beast-later she gives hima nickname of Kero-chan. In episode 8 (i think) a transfer student appears in Sakura's classroom named Li Sayoran-we later find out he's one of the descendants of the Li family in China and has come to Japan to catch the cards. Tough luck for Sakura! Also in this anime are several other characters that are cute(baby cute way!)as well!
By the third season, Li develops a romantic fondness towards Sakura-I thought it was very sad when he told Meiling that he found another love that eventually meant they had to break off their engagement. But you know, I think cousins marrying cousins are sick....ewww...but hey, it's anime.
I recommend you get this series if you want to find out the rest-if you already don't have it. But if you do, you have a good anime-sense:-D