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Ayashi No Ceres
When I first got my tapes, I was thrilled to watch it..and it was better than I expected! It was more mysterious and romantic and dramatic than what you read online...

Aya has a good everyday teenage life until she turns 16.When she turns to the legendary Ceres by seeing the disgusting hand presented to her by her family with Aki all bloody and stuff, her family tries to kill her because she had the blood of the "tennyo" since the tennyo swore revenge on the Mikage family for not letting her go back to the heavens for a while. Ceres was reborn to generations of Mikage gilrs that turned 16, but they were all killed by the Mikage clan until Aya was saved by Suzumi (who has a tennyo blood but not as pure) and Yuuhi.

Anyways, as the series progresses, Aya has this love thing with Tooya..and at the same time, Yuuhi gets a little feeling for her..also Ceres and Yuuhi kind of get attracted to each other..Yuuhi has the power to change back Ceres to Aya with one simple kiss on the lips. While this is going on, Aya's cousin Kagami wants to capture Ceres and get some blood so he can create what he calls a pure race..I guess tennyo race, eh?

Well, I do know how the series end, but you know, if I tell you all the story, you wouldn't be too excited when watchin AnC, would you? All I can tell you is that it's becomes more gory in a way at the end. But hey, it does become a happy, sorta-sweet ending. Just watch.