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Hey hey!! You reached my "information-all-about-me" page. If you are willing enough to read my long long survey about myself, go ahead, but I'm warning you, it might bore you so much you'll end up sleeping by the time you finish this part!

Part 0: The Preface

1.. Time You Start: 11:36 pm

Part 1: The You Side -- Basic and Not-So-Basic Info
1.. Full Name: rachell austria
2.. Birthdate: 3-27-1984
3.. Age: 18
4.. Gender: female
5.. Location: tx
6.. Describe yourself in 3 words: short, sweet, pretty
7.. Siblings: 2 sisters
8.. Do they look like you? hm, depends on who's being asked
9.. Any pets: 1 doggie name niko
10.. Zodiac Sign: aries
11.. Nicknames: bam bam, bambi
12.. Height: 5 feet
13.. Eye Color: dark brown eyes
14.. Hair Color: black black roots with blondish-brownish highlights
15.. Belly button -- innie or outie? innie
16.. Any piercings, and where? only ears
17.. Righty/Lefty/Ambidextrous: right
18.. Screen Names: my main one is o0olilpnayo0o and my most recent is WhOoAaMaMa

Part 2: Favorites (or not)

1.. TV Show: beyond belief, jeapordy, jack hannah, street smarts
2.. Movie: the lord of the rings
3.. Quote: never say'll never know if you can if you don't try
4.. Favorite Sound? uplifting musicals
5.. Word: ay naku
6.. Place: where i'm with people i love spending time with
7.. Flower:white and red roses/tulips
8.. Shape: sphere
9.. Type of Music: anything-even foreign music- but i don't listen to much country or heavy metalk
10.. Color: lavender, purple, white, baby blue
11.. Perfume:how about bath and body works?
12.. Smell: fruity smells, candy, flowery smells
13.. Day of the Week: friday and saturday
14.. Number: 3
15.. Month: december, the months of spring
16.. Season: winter and spring
17.. Board Game: life, clue, monopoly
18.. Food: sushi, filipino, viet, thai, chinese, italian, mexican, american-and any types of food that taste good!
19.. Cookie: white chocolate macadamia nut, chocolate chip, sugar cookies, oatmeal
20.. Ice Cream: chocolate chip cookie dough, chocolate chip, praline
21.. Candy Bar: everything unless they have coconuts in them
22.. Salad Dressing: vinegrette 23.. Channel: any with good shows
24.. Shampoo/Conditioner: anything -just as long as they make my hair soft
25.. Toothpaste: they don't make a difference
26.. Subject in School: spanish, english, home ec
27.. Least Favorite Subject: math-it's not liek i'm bad, i just don't do it for fun
28.. Thing to Drink: water, tapioca smoothies, cantalope smoothies(plain)
29.. Snapple: don't drink that
30.. Thing to Do on the Weekend: not really anything
31.. Singer/Group: utada hikaru, shakira, 112, SES..
32.. Song: "ojos asi" by shakira, "only you rmx" by 112, "love like this rmx" by faith evans
33.. Sport: can dancing be considered a sport?
34.. Website: mine
35.. Relatives: my nice cousins(ahem)
36.. Holiday: xmas, bday, thanksgiving

Part 3: Friends

1.. Best Friend(s): sisters, nastacia
2.. Person Who Knows the Most About You: sister
3.. Craziest or Silliest Person You Know: kristina, subhrata, diana
4.. Funniest Personality: my friends
5.. Loudest: i dunno!
6.. Gives the Best Advice: i dunno!
7.. Cutest: hm, me (just kidding!) everyone is cute!
8.. Stupidest: no one hopefully
9.. Best at keeping secrets: hm, my guy friends-they don't gossip
10.. Weirdest: me prolly
11.. Most Hyper: dunno
12.. Quietest: marilyn!
13.. Coolest: eveyone i hang out with is cool
14.. Smartest: everyone!
15.. Ugliest: no one is ugly
16.. The one you have, but wish you didn't: nothing really
17.. Favorite Friends to Hang With: everyone!
18.. Who do you have the most fun with? everyone!
19.. Who can you do nothing with and STILL have fun? everyone! 20.. Who have you dreamed about? i'm not telling:-D..
21.. If you could meet one person in the world, who would it be? um, the prophet probably
22.. If you could meet any dead person, who? my maternal grandfather - he was one cool guy
23.. Nicest Guy You've Ever Met: steven do (i don't talk to him anymore, the Bun twins, Steven, the three stooges in my church(you know who you are!)
24.. Nicest Girl You've Ever Met:nastacia, emma
25.. Do you like the person who sent this to you? yes, she's my sister

Part 4: The Right Now Side
1.. Date: august 15 now
2.. What color pants do you have on right now? i have red shorts
3.. What song/group are you listening to right now? none
4.. What was the last CD/tape you bought?i dunno, ppl burn them for me
5.. What was the last thing you said outloud? good night
6.. What is right next to you? the comp screen
7.. What color is your phone? black
8.. Do you have a pager? nope
9.. What's on your computer screen right now? windows
10.. What's on your mousepad? some pink lady
11.. How's the weather right now? it's night outside

Part 5: When/Who/What Was...

1.. The last person you talked to on the phone? marilyn-she's going to Baylor*sniff
2.. The last thing you saw on TV? street smarts
3.. The last time you read a book? i don't remember
4.. The last time you danced? this afternoon
5.. The last time you got a real letter? from my pen pal chizuko
6.. The last time you exercised? last night - midnight aerobics! 7.. The last time you cried? i dunooo
8.. The last time you watched Star Wars? never watched ep2
9.. The last time you watched Bambi? i think i saw it a long time ago on tv or somewhere
10.. The last time you hit someone? not lately
11.. The last time you laughed? today!
12.. The best thing that happened to you today? i drove flawlessly
13.. The worst thing that happened to you today? i waited in a long stinky line for nothing
14.. The first thing you thought of when you woke up this morning? i need to go to the bathroom haha

Part 6: The Crush Side
1.. Who is your crush? i don't know..boys have cinfused me..and two have hurt me
2.. Do you have a girlfriend/boyfriend? hahah me? nope
3. If you could go out with anyone in the world, who? i don't know
4.. Do you have a crush on someone famous, and if so, who? none
5.. For girls -- do you like guys with or without hats? it's cute when they're bald (ex bald pinoys) 6.. For guys -- do you like girls with or without nail polish? 7.. On a scale from 1-10 (1 = lowest), how romantic are you?10
8.. What is your opposite sex? male
9.. When you meet a person of your preferred sex, you first notice their?..the eyes tell a person's soul
10.. Who was your first crush?some guy in pre-k
11.. Have you ever been in love? who knows
12.. Who do you want to marry? why ya wanna know
13.. What things do you find attractive in a member of the opposite sex? humor, eyes, body is an extra, personality, course they gotta be don't get attracted to an ugly guy right away

Part 7: On Guys (for girls to fill out)
1.. Boxers or briefs? boxers 2.. Long or short hair? short, don't look fruity now 3.. Dark or blond? darkkk mysterious
4.. Tall or short? taller sorry
5.. 6-pack or muscular arms? if possible haha
6.. Mr. Sensitive or Mr. Funny? both - the whole package
7.. Good guy or bad guy? good guy
8.. Dark or light eyes? depends
10.. Tan or fair? it doesnt really matter
11.. Freckles or no? i dunnoo
12.. Stubble or neatly shaved? hmmm i dunno... it depends
13.. Rugged outdoorsy type or sportsy type? rugged hmmm..and sportsy..hmmm
14.. All-American, homey G, or grunge? depends 15.. Accent or American? depends but accents do help

Part 8: Have You Ever...?
1.. Cheated on a test? way way long ago...i'll never do it again!
2.. Played strip poker? nope
3.. Ran away from home? no
4.. Broken a bone? no
5.. Broken the law? noope
6.. Had a medical emergency? i had serious diarrhea problems when i was 5
7.. Had sex? no
8.. Smoked? no
9.. Drank (alcohol)? long long time ago
10.. Been caught skinny-dipping? no
11.. Been convicted of a crime? no
12.. Been on a plane? yes
13.. Cried in public? yes
14.. Climbed a tree? no
15.. Fell asleep in a movie theatre? nope i give each movie a chance
16.. Met a celebrity? i wish
17.. Met the president? nope
18.. Been scared to get a shot? no
19.. Gotten a cavity? yes
20.. Shopped at Abercrombie & Fitch? no
21.. Skipped school? hm, not entirely..just once
22.. Gone to a theme park and checked out all the cute girls/guys? haha, when i have the chance, my eyes do watch
23.. Helped an elderly person cross the street, and would you? no i havent, but yes i would
24.. Gotten up and danced when you visited a dancing webpage? haha, what kind of question is that
25.. Been in a physical fight, and if so, who won? no
26.. Thrown a solid object at a moving vehicle? no
27.. Experienced stomach illness in Mexico? nope

Part 9: The Future Side
1.. Where do you see yourself in 10 years? marries, successful nurse, have wonderful kids
2.. Future Son Names: nathaniel, and i forgot what the other one was
3.. Future Daughter Names: relena, taylor, rossette
4.. Do you even want kids? yeah, man
5.. If so, how many? 2-3
6.. If you could have a job, what would it be? nurse
7.. What is your dream car? eclipse mustang, honda civic or accord
8.. Where do you plan on living after getting out of school?somewhere where i find my true love 9.. At what age do you want to get married? mid-20s 10.. If you could dye your hair one color, what would it be? reddish or lgith brownish
11.. If you could have a tattoo, what and where would it be? i dont want one sorry

Part 10: The Feelings Side
1.. Do you believe in yourself? yes..most of the times
2.. Worst Feeling In the World: no one loving you/to be alone
3.. Best Feeling In the World: when ppl care about you
4.. Are you for world peace? yes
5.. What religion are you? i'm a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints-that's our official name, not Mormons 6.. One thing you'd like to change about yourself is: i dunno-then i wouldn't be me
7.. What makes you happiest? being with ppl i love, accomplishments
8.. What makes you saddest? when ppl dont see what theyre doing thats hurting others

Part 11: Which do you prefer?
1.. Be serious or be funny? i can be both 2.. Guys -- boxers or briefs? 3.. Single or taken? depends who your taken by 4.. Read or write? both? 5.. Pen or pencil? both 6.. Grey or gray? i like gray better
7.. Color or black and white? white
8.. Sunrise or sunset? sunset
9.. Rap or rock? both..but if theyre not hard core
10.. Stay up late or wake up early? stay up late-but waking up early do have its benefits
11.. Sex or shag? huh?
12.. Is it POP or SODA? soda
13.. Which came first, the chicken or the egg? egg
14.. Tall or short? i wish tall
15.. Sun or moon? the moon but the sun gives of the brightest light
16.. Pants or skirt? both
17.. Left or right? right handed
18.. 10 acquaintances or 1 best friend? 1 best friend
19.. Ponytail or leave it down? leav it down
20.. Kids or no kids? kids
21.. Cat or dog? dog
22.. Half-empty or half-full? half full
23.. Mustard or ketchup? ketchup
24.. Hardcover or soft cover? soft cover!
25.. Newspaper or magazine? magazine
26.. Sandals or sneakers? sneakers
27.. N*Sync or BSB? neither-their btoh sorta fruity
28.. Adidas, Nike, or Reebok? adidas/nike
29.. Peanut butter or jelly? both
30.. Coke or Pepsi? sprite!
31.. Matt Damon or Ben Affleck? neither
32.. MTV or VH1? mtv
33.. Apples or oranges? grapes
34.. Vanilla or chocolate? chocolate
35.. Flowers or candy? both ^_^
36.. Dawson's Creek or Felicity? neither
37.. Romantic, comedy, or horror? all
38.. TV or radio? tv
39.. Burger King's fries or McDonald's fries? wendys
40.. Salt or pepper? both
41.. Croutons or bacon bits? both
42.. Chocolate milk or hot chocolate? both
43.. Perfect lover or perfect friend? both
44.. Sweet or sour? when it comes to food-both
45.. Root beer or Dr. Pepper? root beer
46.. Tea or coffee? neither
47.. Ocean or pool? both
48.. Cooler Ranch or Nacho Cheesier? nacho
49.. Mud or Jell-O wrestling? jello
50.. With or without ice cubes? with ice cubes
51.. Rain or shine? it depends
52.. Top or bottom? huh?
53.. Skiing or snowboarding? snowboarding
54.. Biking or blading? biking
55.. Cake or cookies? both
56.. Cereal or toast? cereal
57.. Night or day? both
58.. Gloves or mittens? gloves
59.. Dressed or undressed? dressed
60.. Eyes open or closed? depends
61.. Fly or breathe underwater? both
62.. Bunk bed or waterbed? waterbed
63.. Chewing gum or hard candy? hard candy
64.. Motor boat or sailboat? sailboat
65.. Lights on or off? on unless your sleeping
66.. To call or be called? be called
67.. Make plans or go along with them? both

Part 13: What Do You Think of When You Hear...
1.. Bill Clinton: "..i did not sleep with that woman..."
2.. Lollipops: yummy-green apple please
3.. Dreams: true love
4.. Love: red
5.. Whipped Cream: ice cream sundae
6.. South Park: huh? i never watched that
7.. Boy Bands: fruity
8.. Guys: sometimes better friends than girls
9.. Girls: buds
10.. Death: end of your life
11.. Rollercoasters:thrilling
12.. Thunderstorms: that sounds

Part 14: Misc. Question
1.. Do you like this survey? i'm doing this for my page-other than that, i would have deleted this
2.. One pillow or two, cotton or feather? 3 cotton
3.. How long are you in the shower? 10-15 min (usually)
4.. What does your screen name mean? my personality
5.. Do you get motion sickness? yup
6.. Girls -- would you ever ask a guy for his shirt?depends on who
7.. What's under your bed? board games, my memory box
8.. Do you remember the name of your second grade teacher? i dunno, some lady in canada
9.. Do you sing in the shower? haha yeah man
10.. Are you sane? i hope
11.. If you were invisible, where would you go? beyond enemy lines and help the govt. if they really need it
13.. What do you think about Ouija boards? scary
14.. Can you wiggle your ears? no, i'm not specially oriented in that
15.. Are you addicted to the internet? why am i doing this page now?
16.. Do you dream in color? yes
17.. Do you sleep with a stuffed animal? now i will 18.. Which leg do you put first into your pants? right usually
19.. Do you laugh when somebody falls? not really
20.. Do you make fun of people?only if they know i'm joking
21.. If you were a gardening tool, what would you be? i dunno
22.. What was your first car? dont have one yet
23.. Are you a health freak? not really
24.. Do you get along with your parents? most of the time
25.. What's your biggest secret? hm, who i like
26.. Of all the people you sent this to, who is most likely to respond? no one 27.. What do you like most about the person who sent this to you? diana makes me laugh and she's my sister
28.. One last thing you'd like to say? i hope you like this...i thought it would be cool to do a survey as a 411!

Part 15: The Epilogue
1.. What time is it? 1:34 am..this is soo long