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~*PrInCeSs StAr'S*~

. . .

Some people get mad if they do not get ‘perfect.’ I take what I get and am happy that I did it.

Your pain is my pain so don’t hurt yourself over me because it only hurts me more.

If you’re here to break my heart you’re too late it’s already been broken

You came into my life and changed my world then left me with nothing but the memories that we shared.

You can get to know someone in a day and decide you don’t like them but really you have only met their present you have not met their past or their future

You may think your lies help you get places in life but they get you no where in my life

lovin' my boy AVCR

Be nice to everyone you meet because you never know what you might miss out on if you hate them before you know them

If you try to reach a star that is to high and fail you may never try to reach another star again

Someday I will reach the highest star in the sky. That day will be the day I finally realize who I am

~*NaMe*~ ArIeS HoRsT
~*AgE*~ 17
~*BiRtHdAy*~ JaNuArY 20tH
~*GrAdE*~ JuSt FiNiShEd GrAdE 11 GoInG On To GrAdE 12!!
~*ToWn*~ GrAnD VaLlEy
~*GuYz I lIkE*~ AvCa,AvCr,AvCm
~*NiCkNaMeS*~ StAr ChIlD, PrInCeSs ArIeS, RiEs, BaBlUe, KeReAmA, FaLlEnAnGeL
~*FaV pLaCeS*~ My RoOm, CaMp, WiTh AvCa/AvCr, WiTh My FrIeNdS, In BeRmUdA
~*FaV ShApE*~ *StAr*
~*WAnTs*~ To GeT My ToUnGe PeRiCeD, GeT a TaTtOo, GeT mY BoY
~*PeRiCiNgS*~ My BeLlY BuTtOn


right now this isn't going to be fansy its going to take a while to learn how to do cool things

well i have been learning more and more as i go along. i tryed to start a new page somewhere else but i donno its kinda weird. so i will be back and fouth from here to there.i will give you the link so you can check out my pics.

¤Ya Gotta Dance Like Nobody's Watchin* Dream Like Your Gonna Live 4Eva*Live Like Ya Gonna Die tomorrow* And Love Like It’s neva gonna Hurt¤

my life is mine and i will change as i please if you don't like it leave!

*Dare To Be Different In a World Where Most Things Are the Same*

The word ‘perfect’ means nothing. It is only an excuse to be something to someone else

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