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Well, well, well! I suppose you are here to see how you are going with my class hey? Well, for your convenience I have posted your grades up on the Defence Against The Dark Arts Notice Board. Enjoy yourself, and remember, if they are low try to improve! Each time homework is issued the pupil who gets the highest grade for the most amount of work will recieve a.......Faeries Fortune Scratchcard!!!

The grading is as follows ~

O ~ Outstanding (50 house points)
E ~ Exceeds Expectations (40 house points)
A ~ Acceptable (30 house points)
P ~ Poor (20 house points)
D ~ Dreadful (10 house points)


Pupil Q.1 Q.2 Q.3 Q.4 Q.5 E.C Ave.
froggy200068 - - - - - A A
lex16aa O O E E O - O
bravesakhmet E P O E A - E
gorgeous_hush O O O O O E O
mcp1213 E A E O O - E
greatwswimmer E O A E A - E

The top student of our fairies topic is......gorgeous_hush! Congratulations! Below is your official top student certificate! Please feel free to use this in your shop or lookup! Here are the codes;

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