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Hello and welcome to your very first Defence Against The Dark Arts Class for this year. My name is Professor Amelia and I will be your teacher this year. Now I thought that we could start our studies by learning about dark creatures and learning how to defend yourself.

Now, we all know what fairies are like, don't we? I have been informed that you have already had a run in with them, which was quite unsuccessful, so now I feel that you should learn a bit more in depth about them. Well before we go into any practical work, I would like you to copy down the notes on the board ~

Now, I am going to release these into the classroom, and I expect you to each use a charm to stop one fairy. Each of you will have one turn. Be careful! They can bight and irratate. In large numbers they can pick you up and cause serious damage to you, your possessions and others! OK, who would like to go first? No-one? OK, to get you started here are some charms that can stop not only fairies, but help you in everyday defence;

Confundus Charm – confundo – confuses the fairy.
Conjunctivitus Curse – conjunctiva – effects the eyes and vision of the target.
Engorgement Charm – engorger – causes the target to swell in size.
Disarming Spell – expelliarmus – diasarms the target.
Impediment Curse – impedimenta – stops or slows the fairy.
Incendio Curse – incendio – sets fire to the fairy.
Mobilcorpus – mobilcorpus – moves the fairy.
Full Body Bind – petrificus totalus – binds the entire body.
Relashio – relashio – causes a jet of sparks to fly from the wand.
Tickling Charm – rictusempra – tickles a person’s entire body.
Stunning Charm – stupefy – will cause the fairy to become unconscious.
Levitation Charm – wingardium leviosa – causes the fairy to levitate.
Tarantallegra – tarantallegra – causes the fairy to do a crazy dance.

Now who's ready to start? That's the spirit!

Now for homework could you please answer these questions and please don't just copy! I will know and you will be given a D for it!

1) Explain the life cycle of a fairy.
2) How can a fairy hurt you?
3) What do you think is the most interesting feature of fairies? Why?
4) Name three useful charms/spells/hexes that can help you escape some creature attcks and what they do.
5) Which charm/spell/hex did you use to stop the fairy? Explain your experience.


Imagine you are in a deep, dark woodland. You hear a swarm of fairies buzzing towards you! Explain to me in about 10 lines what happens in your adventure and how you escape - or don't escape!

This homework is due no later than the 20/7/2003 and it would be good if you neomailed it to _vanilla_cherry_. Have a nice day class and I will see you next time!

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