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Lewis Nixon

Captain Lewis "Nix" Nixon came fom New York. he graduated from Yale University. He join the Easy in Toccoa as 2nd Lieutenant. He got quick promotion, went to the battalion QG and became finally intelligence officer for the 506 PIR, and then operation/intelligence (translation in English of "opération/instruction"). On 8 mars 1945, he was demoted as operation/intelligence officer for the 2nd battalion (major Matheson took his place and captain Sobel took Matheson place). Captain Nixon got this demotion because he drunk every evening and was completely "out".

After the war, Captain works in his father's society, Nixon Nitration Works .He divorced twice and then got married with a lady named Grace. Together they travelled all around the world. Captain Nixon passed finally away in 1995.

He's portrayed by Ron Livingston. I find that this actor looks quite closely to Mr. Nixon. They have a similar face.

Mr. Linvingston was born on 5 June 1968. He comes from Cedar Rapids, Iowa. He went to Yale University (like Nix).

He played in many Tv series like Townies where he portrayed Curt, The practice where he portrayed Alan Lowe and Sex in the City where he portrayed Jack Berger.

Filmography :

-Straight talk - 1992 - as a soldier

-The low life - 1996 - as Chad

-Swingers - 1996 - as Rob

-Campfires tales - 1997 - as Rick and a driver

-The small hours - 1997 - as Steve

-Dill Scallion - 1999 - as Ron Statlin

-Office space - 1999 - as Peter Gibbons

-The big brass ring - 1999 - as Sheldon Buckle

-Body shots - 1999 - as Trent

-Beat - 2000 - as Allen Ginsberg

-A rumor of angels - 2000 - as Uncle Charlie

-Two ninas - 2000 - as Marty Sachs

-Buying the cow - 2002 - as Tyler

-Adaptation - 2002 - as Marty