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Donald G. Malarkey

Sergeant Don Malarkey comes from Astoria, Oregon. He worked two years after he had been graduted and he was student at the Oregon's Univeristy when WWII broke out and joined the Easy Company in Toccoa, Georgia in 1942. Sarge got wounded in Carentan, Normandy in June1944. He fought in Holland and in in Belgium in 1944. During the battle of the Bulge and Bastogne's siege, he lost three of his greatest friends : Skip Muck and Alex Penkala who died on 9 January and Lieutnant Compton who was grief-stricken and so evacuated after Bill Guarnere and Joe Toye had left. But Don hold on and took part in the big American rush in Germany and Austria in 1945. In Captain Speirs's letter to Corporal Guth (Speirs wrote him a letter when the Easy was stationned in Austria ; Guth had to stay in England because of a wound and missed the German campaign), it is said that Malarkey stayed for a long time in hospital. Si I suppose he got seriousely wounded, but I don't have any idea of where and when he did.

Mr. Malarkey came back home in Oregon with a Bronze Star in his pocket. He lives still there.

He's portrayed by Scott Grimes.

Mr. Grimes was born on 9 July 1971 in Lowell, Massachusetts. He's married with Dawn, and has two children. His niece Camryn and his sister heather are both in the show business.

He made many guest appearances in Tv series. For example, he played Will McCorkle in Party of five, Seth Kolatch in First years and Chad McCann in Who is the boss. He worked on Tv productions when he was a teen like The night they saved Christmas (1984) portraying David, Circus of the stars n11, Frog (1987) portraying Arlo Anderson, Bring me the head of Dobie Gillis (1988) portraying georgie Gillis.

Here's his "older actor" 's filmography :

-Frogs ! - 1991 - as Arlo Anderson (this time this is a film)

-Crimson tide - 1995 - as Officer Hilaire

-Mystery Alaska - 1999 - as Brian Burns

He will be seen in Dream keeper, a mini serie of Steve ,Barron, as a red-haired stranger.