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Emerald Shadows

Crimson Shadows 8/3/03 Welcome To Emerald Shadows. This is my site, which is devoted to me and various other things.Snoop around, hang out. whatever. It really dosent matter what you think about my site, so dont email me useless emails containing: "Your a lozer..your site sucks..yadda yadda yadda" because its annoying and pointless and i will just delete them and not reply back. Enjoy!

8/10/03 I just got back from camping. Fun fun ^_^. I found that legolas pic at the top of my page, on a fanfic site, and I think its awsome so Im using it for a little while. I'm on the verge of finding the addy to that site so I can post credits for the pic, so hold your horses if its your pic. Thats all fer now...tata!
8/10/03 I changed the Main Page Layout And Colors..Kindof ^_^ Im happy...and content! I added the sister sites section which you people MUST check out. I'm going through a web site updating fettish, so you people are lucky. I got a new email Thats the email Im going to be using, So Ill change the linky thing at the bottom of the page..Eventually. Still havent found the link to that kick ass legolas pic..^_^ And ive gotten NO emails for the POTW(person of the week) So start sending. Anywhoo, Ill post more updates and all the other yadda yaddas later! Ooh and I changed me site name..Its no longer Crimson Shadows..It is now Emerald Shadows ^>^ I am very proud of it. TTYL!
8/11/03 Goodmorning people from wherever you happen to be from. It is three minutes to eightAM where I happen to be from. No im not nuts, but I got up early so I could scam the puter from my brother. Im not tired..just damn cold cause my basement is freezing this time of day. How do I know? Gee...Take a geuss. I updated the sister sites background, which now looks very cool. Thanks to Phyllis's free backgrounds! Im going to go do some more updating around the site, and stick some more randomness pics in the Gallery, so be sure to check back soon! Talks Tos Yahs Laters!
8/11/03 I put a funky little love gadget up on my site... Its on the new page: "Java Gadgets". I added a few more pics to the gallery, and Im awaiting a new addition to My sister sites page. I put up a zodiac and western sign thing in the java gadgets too! Ill be putting up a Poetry page where I will be posting my poetry, and eventually Ill stick a quotes page up. Right now Im just fiddling around and mixing and matching, so yeah were still under consrtuction! I put the email link for my new email up, so start emailing for person of the week and feedback would be nice! Ill eventually put a geustbook up, so Enjoy! TTYL!
8/11/03 I Have a TAGBOARD!!!! hehehe. im so happy about it cause its very nice, and my whole site is turning up beatuifully! Just letting you people know you can tag my tagboard! ^_^


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