Kendra Monk – Associate Director
Laura Mayfield – Pageant Coordinator
Eileen Cross & Jennifer Vera – Volunteers
Paige Hopper & Jackie Kathman – Volunteers
Ask anyone of these ladies for help at the pageant – they will try and assist you as best they can!


The pageant will be held on Saturday, January 29th, 2005 at the Groves Elementary Auditorium.
The Children’s Pageant (Ages 4-12) will begin at 2:00pm, check-in before 1:30pm!
Queen’s Pageant (Ages 13 and up) will begin at 6:30pm., check-in before 6:00pm!
Numbers for your hip will be given when you check-in at the registration table.
We have chosen qualified judges, and their decision is final.  Do not attempt to influence, harass or question judges.
Score sheets will not be available after the pageant.  Comments will not be given.
Poor sportsmanship will not be tolerated and could result in disqualification.
Neither the Miss Mardi Gras Organization nor PNGISD’s Groves Elementary School is responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged items, injury or illness before, during or after the pageant. 


Queens will receive:  Official Crowns, Satin Sashes, Sash Pins, Trophies, Scepter, Gift Bag & Certificate of Achievement
Miss Teen will receive:  $300 College Scholarship
Miss will receive:  $500 College Scholarship
Mardi Gras Cover Miss 2005 will receive:  $100 Savings Bond, Round Crown, Sash, Certificate of Achievement, and her photo on the back cover of the program book with her title.
Most Photogenic will receive: Sash, Gift, & Certificate
Bonus Titles include:  Ages 4 to 12 – Most Beautiful and Best Personality
Ages 13 and up:  Best Costume and Best Interview (The bonus titles have no bearing on the winner and are chosen separately by the judges outside of the scoring criteria) 


Interviews:  1-10; (Teen & Miss only) Personality, Professional Appearance, Verbal Skills, Overall Impression.
Worth:  50%
Beauty/Formal Wear
:  1-10;  Beauty, Poise/Personality, Overall Appearance.
Worth:  40% for Miss Teen & Miss;  100% for all others.
Theme Wear
:  1-10; (Teen & Miss only) Personality, Creativity/Imagination, Stage Performance, Overall Appearance.  Worth:  10%
Most Photogenic
:  Beauty, Clarity, Facial Expression/Personality, Overall Appearance.
Judged separately. 


Pivot turn
Universal or Miss America turn
X’s will be in T-formation (one X in the back, 3 in the front).  You may or may not stop to model on each X.
Theme wear modeling is “Anything Goes”.  Use your own routine…poses and props are acceptable. 


This is a separate event that has no bearing on the outcome of the pageant and is not apart of the scoring.
Photos may be 8X10 or 5X7, black and white or color, snapshots or professional headshots
Photos are best protected with a soft or hard plastic covering
Turn pictures in at the registration table and they will be found back out at the table after the pageant for pickup
Please do not forget to pick up the photos! We will not be responsible after the pageant if you do not claim them.


Saturday, January 29th at Sandy Calamia’s Danceworks in Groves (4201 Lincoln Avenue)
Miss Teen – 8:30am…3 min interview, Miss – 9:30am…5 min interview
Dress is Sunday Best or Professional
Interviews will be conducted with 3 judges, setup will be the judges at one table, your chair in front
This category counts for 50% of the final score


Formal pageant wear only, no Sunday dress
Any color, style, any type of shoes, please see the application for dress lengths per category
High-slit or low-cut dresses are unacceptable, only moderate stomach exposure please
Strapless or off-the-shoulder is acceptable
There will be a final lineup after each category
This category counts for 40% of the final score 


This is your chance to display your creativity and personal style in Mardi Gras colors and design!
Anything goes, be original, and have fun with it.  Personality is EVERYTHING.
The outfit itself will not be judged on; it’s how you present yourself in it.
The use of props are acceptable.  You may make up a routine to go with your theme if you’d like.
Example designs include & are not limited to:  headpieces, feathers, masks, hats, wigs, gloves, sequins, metallic material, fringe, face paint, colorful hosiery, jewelry, belts, stand up collars, balloons, beads, glitter, capes/robes, wings, and more!
Where to look:  costume shops, hobby/craft stores, consignment shops, online stores, call former Krewe members, borrow from theatre/drama, Louisiana, Harwin St. in Houston.  You can even use characters, famous people, or people throughout history and incorporate Mardi Gras into it.  Ideas of any kind are accepted!  Be original and have a good time with it!
This category is included in your final score and counts for 10% of the final score.


In the gymnasium behind the auditorium
Only one person plus a hairdresser/makeup artist is allowed at a time
No males are allowed in the dressing area
You are allowed to bring large mirrors, dress racks, small tables, extension cords, etc. to assist you
Each category will have a designated area to dress, for our backstage workers to keep up with everyone


Program ads will be turned in on Sunday, January 9th at the Courtyard Café’ in Groves on Lincoln Avenue from 2:00pm – 5:00pm.  This is the same day as Pageant Principles.  This will be the only time to hand over your ads, so if you cannot make it, please turn them in at Miss Eileen’s house at 4101 Redwood Street in Groves before this date.
The title of Mardi Gras Cover Miss is given to the contestant who sells the most ads for the program (not the most in $$ amt)
These ads will be totaled and the winner will be contacted by phone.
Ads should be filled out completely and accurately, check/cash/money order, paper clipped (not stapled) when turning in.
Contestant pictures and business cards are also accepted for our ads.
Make sure your name is at the bottom to give yourself credit for the sale.
Any incomplete ads may not qualify for the total count.
For businesses, the purchase of an ad is tax-deductible.


Flash Cameras are not allowed.  We will have a professional photographer at the pageant taking stage shots and still shots with a background in the lobby.
Video cameras are allowed, but please no tripods; there isn’t enough space for them.
Carolyn Bourg will be there with an awesome Mardi Gras background setup, her prices and photos are great!
Don’t forget to take your Mardi Gras theme wear shots before the pageant starts!
Call Carolyn to setup any photogenic headshots.  Last year, 4 out of 8 photos of hers won in their category!
The studio number is 409-727-3488.


Tickets will be sold at the door for $5 per pageant.  Save $2 if you buy the all-access pass for $8, to attend both pageants!
Contestants and visiting royalty are the only people who do not have to have a ticket to attend.
Programs will also be sold for $2.00.  These are great keepsakes for the girls and help to contribute towards our scholarships!



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